A Star Wars Snuggie parody video

As Snuggie blanket parody videos go, this one is better than most – fusing the Snuggie with Star Wars.

It has been said many times that wearing a blanket with sleeves, like The Snuggie or The Slanket can make you look like a Jedi – the long flowing robe, and the large loose sleeves make an ideal substitute for a Jedi robe.

And one enterprising video maker has now taken the original Snuggie TV Commercial – the cheesy one that made everyone say WTF and made the Snuggie go viral – and has spliced it with footage of Star Wars. You’ll see Yoda snuggling down in what looks like a Snuggie, you will see the original women from the snuggie waving lightsabers instead of knitting needles, and you will see Luke Skywalker meet his match against a gentleman being all warm and cosy in his armchair….and much more.

The force is strong with this one, so sit back and enjoy ‘Snuggie Wars’

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  • caeldraven

    LOL!!! Glad I was sitting down. Soo hilarious!

  • threecanadianteens

    haha, this is awesome

  • FitnessHeadquarters

    That’s so creative! Had me on the floor laughing! Make More!! Make More!!!!

  • LOLpeoples121

    Nice 🙂

  • Act2liv


  • MrHanksWorld

    Very funny… Mr. Hanks likes this…

  • gretchandgurd

    watch our snuggie parody (stranglie) and the bump it (boner it) parody!


  • terrymalloy69


  • InTrebleNow

    I haven’t laughed so hard in a long while.

  • vdoo84

    i lol’d. the crappy animation helps.

  • Fuckcops08


  • wininalex

    lol awesome vid man

  • MermaidAlex1561


  • scuzzleBUTT15

    “ooh vader your robe is so comfy!… and your saber is so big,,,”

  • Arbynchief09


  • ramonesrocket2russia

    0:52 freakin brilliant!

  • D3athToWALMART

    haha awesome. very creative

  • LuckySchmuckers

    That was incredible! Very funny

  • gamidevil


  • flyingmonkey456

    the remote scene cracks me up XD

  • JedigirlXD

    Omg you are AWESOME!!! I subscribed 2 u 4 this! And yes I will take your offer. I CALL OBI-WAN!!!!!!!

  • NeonGreenFairyJedi

    LOL I love you

  • chrisinmainz


  • rapoeight

    this made me laugh so hard i cried!! haha

  • goocharoo58

    The SLANKETS are MUCH better!!!