Slankets and Snuggies in Cougar Town

As product placements go, this is a beauty – Snuggies and Slankets have had some serious air time in Cougar Town over the seasons.

Check out the compilation clips from Cougar Town below, featuring the Snuggie / Slanket scenes.

Proof if you ever needed it that blankets with sleeves are here to stay and are becoming a key essential part of all costume budgets and wardrobes for prime time TV productions……probably. Or maybe they just look funny.

Kendra Wilkinson in a Snuggie

Ladies and gentlemen, we have a new entry into our sporadic series called ‘Famous people wearing Slankets and Snuggies‘ – this time it is US business woman, glamour model, TV presenter, and now author, Kendra Wilkinson.

Kendra prefers a Snuggie over a Slanket. Probably not the Kendra Wilkinson picture you were looking for……

Kendra Wilkinson in a Snuggie

Clare Balding in a Slanket

Here we go again, another entry in the series ‘Famous people in Slankets and Snuggies‘ – this time it is the turn of British national treasure Clare Balding.

Clare Balding in a Slanket

Blankets with sleeves might be a mostly affordable product available to the masses, but it doesn’t stop high profile celebrities from joining in the fun…even though they probably didn’t buy theirs.

I wonder if she mucks out the horses in that?

Hugh Bonneville in a Slanket

There is something wonderful about seeing Robert Crawley from Downton Abbey in a Slanket. If sleeved blankets were available in the post-Edwardian era, then you just know all the rich people at Downton Abbey would be lounging around in them all day.

“I say Mr Crawley, you seen to have spilt a drop of port on your blanket with sleeves”

Hugh Bonneville in a Slanket:

Hugh Bonneville in a Slanket


Snuggie TV Commercial dub

This is a pretty slick over-dub of the original Snuggie TV commercial. Since it went viral the TV Commercial has been a target for ridicule and parody by internet pranksters ever since – but this version is one the best ones out there.

Delivered in a dry and under-stated voice-over, this is ‘Jaboody’ and his take on the ‘Snuggie Commercial’…..”Look at how much fun they’re having burning someone of a lesser race.”

Snuggie TV Commercial dub:

Japanese Slanket TV commercial

Gary Clegg, the inventor of the Slanket was a surprised as anyone about his product’s whirlwind success. He invented it one cold night as a student, completely oblivious that it would grow to become a wordlwide brand and company, making him pretty rich along the way. All he wanted to do was to stay warm while watching TV.

From its humble beginnings The Slanket has now grown to be a fully-fledged manufacturing company that states that it is proud to listen to its customers and aims to put them first at all times.

The Snuggie may have come along and ridden a dumb but memorable TV Commercial to success and wild riches, outstripping the Slanket in like for like sales along the way – but it is the Slanket that has put quality above quantity, and for our money it is still the best blanket with sleeves available on the market.

The Slanket is now sold in 40 countries and here is the official Slanket TV Commercial for Japan. Gary Clegg even features at the end of it to tell viewers a little bit about the Slanket story.

Watch the Japanese Slanket TV Commercial featuring Gary Clegg:


Jay Leno in a Snuggie

Jay Leno was one of the first celebrities to be seen on TV cracking jokes about Snuggies….and no doubt got sent so many free Snuggies that he probably has a garage full and can afford to wear a Snuggie once, before throwing it away, and getting a box-fresh one each time he is a bit cold.

Jay Leno gave the Snuggie brand a huge boost when he wore it on the Tonight Show….even though he was wearing a custom denim one given to his by his friend Ellen. You won’t find this Snuggie in your local shop.

Jay Leno in a Snuggie

More ‘Famous people in Slankets and Snuggies

Bill Maher in his Snuggie on TV

Bill Maher was one of the first in the US to wear a Snuggie on TV, and used it to take a sharp aim at American consumer culture.

One of the best entries in ‘Famous people wearing Snuggies and Slankets‘.

Ironically, despite Bill Maher’s use of the Snuggie to appeal to America and the Western world to get off their backsides, drag themselves away from self-absorption, and start learning how to make things again, he only really succeeded in making the Snuggie even more famous and helped to cause a spike in sales.

Still, I bet he got a load of free Snuggies out of it. 😉