Matt Damon in a Snuggie

Now this is a big one.

This is a great entry into our series ‘Famous people in Slankets and Snuggies‘ – Matt Damon makes it possible to wear a Snuggie and still be taken seriously.

Matt, you are an inspiration to Snuggie wearing humans everywhere – one day, thanks to you, we will be able to wear our Snuggies to work and still be listened to properly.

Matt Damon in a Snuggie


Evan Davis chilling in a Slanket

Evan Davis chilling in a Slanket

Here is a picture of the BBS’s Evan Davis relaxing in a leopard skin Slanket.

If this is where the British license fee is going…..then I approve.

One last demand however, any BBC journalist or presenter with a Slanket must wear it on TV Shows, not just for their radio shows.

Come on Evan, presenting Newsnight and delivering those tough and insightful questions will have more gravitas if you were wearing a Slanket. Sort it out.


More Famous people in Slankets and Snuggies.

Ian Rankin in a Slanket

Another entry into our ‘Famous people in Slankets and Snuggies‘ series – this time it is Scottish author Ian Rankin.

He may not have the glamour of Rihanna in a Snuggie, but Ian Rankin clearly knows how he likes to keep warm when he is reading a chilling novel.

Ian Rankin in a Slanket

Ian Rankin in a Slanket

You’d think that with all the books he has sold he’d be able to keep the heating on high all throughout winter. I guess he just likes the style.

I bet you any money that Rebus has a Slanket, but he doesn’t tell anyone, he only pretends to be a hard detective, but when he gets home he likes nothing more than slipping into a comfy Slanket with a hot cup of herbal tea while watching soap operas.


John Prescott in a Slanket

Look at this, if ever two things were meant to be together it is Lord Prescott and a Slanket!

Prescott looks right at home in this, plus the sleeves on a Slanket means he has his hands and arms free should he ever feel the need to throw a jab.

John Prescott in a Slanket

John Prescott may not be the most famous entry in our Famous people in Slankets and Snuggies series, but he is easily our favorite. There is no question that Prezza would have taken that home and is probably relaxing under it now.


How do I wash and dry a Snuggie blanket?

We were contact by a concerned Snuggie user who was unsure how to wash and dry their Snuggie.

Good news – it is easier than you think. Here are our top tips for washing and drying your Snuggie (or Slanket).

If you need to wash your Snuggie, then it can be done in a regular washing machine. Just make sure you put it on a cold or delicate cycle. You may also want to turn it inside out in order to protect the material from ‘piling’ on the side that is usually exposed. As long as it is on a cold wash, then your Snuggie should be fine.

Tip: wash your Snuggie on its own (or at least with other items that are a similar texture and material) – it is abrasion that causes the most damage to your Snuggie and will cause piling of the blanket. Its best not to have anything else in the machine for it to rub against during the wash if possible.

To dry it, you have a couple of options – the best is to air dry it outside, preferably lying as flat as possible to stop it stretching or getting out of shape. But you can also put it in a dryer – as long as it is on a very low heat. Put it on a high heat and you can kiss goodbye to your beloved Snuggie. If you are drying your Snuggie in an electric dryer, always set it on short cycles so you can keep checking it – it is best to remove it as soon as it is dry to avoid it going round and round for too long.

Hope that helps.

Where can I buy a Teenage Mutant Ninja Turtle Snuggie?

We try our best to answer all questions that we get from readers and we always keep our eyes out to help you locate the Slankets, Snuggies, and blankets with sleeves that you all crave.

This time, we were asked a very specific question:

Where can I buy a Teenage Mutant Ninja Turtle Snuggie?

There are two types that you can currently buy. One is made by Snuggie who have a licensed Teenage Mutant Ninja Turtle Snuggie that features a cartoon Teenage Mutant Ninja Turtle body on the Snuggie, and the other is sold as a ‘throw blanket with sleeves’ (basically the same as a Snuggie), which also feature the body of a Ninja Turtle. Both are different in the style of the artwork featured. You can see a list of the each below:

  • Teenage Mutant Ninja Turtle Snuggie range: HERE
  • Teenage Mutant Ninja Turtle ‘throw blanket with sleeves’ range: HERE

The Snuggie version is usually only available for kids, but the other ‘throw blanket with sleeves’ is available in adult sizes.

Teenage Mutant Ninja Turtle Snuggie

Who invented the Snuggie?

It’s time for reader’s questions again. This time someone asked us:

Who invented the snuggie?

The Snuggie wasn’t strictly invented by anyone – The Snuggie took its idea from the Slanket, which was invented by Gary Clegg when he was a student in 1998. Clegg was cold in his student accommodation and got his mother to sew a single arm on to an existing blanket so he could keep one hand free for drinks, snacks, and using the remote control, without needing to get out from under his blanket. He soon expanded this idea and got a blanket made with two arms, and from there he started developing the Slanket.

The Snuggie was marketed about 2 years after the Slanket became a commercial product, and took off when their TV Commercial went viral in 2008. That’s probably why many more people have heard of the Snuggie and assume that somebody invented it. In reality it was a cheaper, but more aggressively marketed, version of the Slanket.

In fact, the Slanket wasn’t strictly the first blanket with sleeves as a few years before the Slanket hit the market there was a product called The Freedom Blanket, and it is this product that was arguably the first blanket with sleeves on the market.