Buy the Snuggie for Dogs – As Seen on TV Network

nuggie for Dogs. The ultra soft fleece blanket with sleeves is now dog sized. Snuggie comes in four snuggie sizes for your canine friends. There is a special offer currently running that allows you to buy 1 dog snuggie and get 1 free.

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  • F0uriGirl1299

    i can’t wait for when they get snuggies for hamsters and fish! 😛 y’know that that’ll eventually happen.

  • OhaiImAlfred




  • luxs3

    ok… now guess why animals have fur…

  • Asiangal4999

    Now its a snuggie family(Y)! lol

  • luckylot2

    next theres gonna be “snuggie 4 gold fish! Does ur gold fish get cold swimming around in tht tank of cold water? Well now u dont hav 2 waste money by buying 1 of those water heater thingys u can buy a fish snuggie! the cosy warm blanket with fin holes is perfect 4 u fish, comes in 5 sizes! Only $9.99!

  • lydonboy1123

    cute 😀

  • coltonte3

    1:11 is one of the ugliest dogs ever.

  • LastStartInk

    now even your pet can look mentally challenged!!!

  • cb52211

    What luck. When she put the Snuggie on her dog it stopped snowing and all the snow on the ground melted.

    What a coincidence!

  • SirKoons

    Sweet. Backward robes for my dog too!

  • metsfreak4life

    how about snuggie for hamsters

  • ultrastupido

    For dogs with no fur.

  • keatonbamf

    what a bitch, she leaves the dog in the purse and rips it out 🙁 suee!

  • cheesyfudge

    Even your pets will look like it’s part of the family clan…

  • proceo12

    lol kroboproductions favorites this

  • MrJohnMichaelHayes

    that dog tag looks fun put something like “im a bitch fuck my dog pussy stupid cunt” hahaha

  • Redquaker

    What’s next snuggies for birds?

  • Bunkysmom65

    Saw one of these the other day in Walmart. Written on the box? “Keeps you warm, and keeps your paws free!” For what…Maybe ripping the snuggie to shreds?

  • ttobyg

    coming up next: Snuggie for polar bears! Now those big furry bears never have to freeze again when walking the north pole. Order now and get the top-of-the-line Snuggie for dolphins!

  • MacMuggle

    Flagged for animal abuse!

  • wyrm282

    I used to (jokingly) consider using one of these on ur pet akin to animal abuse.

    I no longer do thanks to that freakish winter weather we’re finally gettin out of.

  • Tjechi

    your ka-NINE will give it a ka-TEN!

  • mortic0n

    OR! You could let their fur do its frickin’ job!

  • tingtingsfan1

    1:02 to 1:06 AHAHHAAHHAHAH