Slankets and Snuggies in Cougar Town

As product placements go, this is a beauty – Snuggies and Slankets have had some serious air time in Cougar Town over the seasons.

Check out the compilation clips from Cougar Town below, featuring the Snuggie / Slanket scenes.

Proof if you ever needed it that blankets with sleeves are here to stay and are becoming a key essential part of all costume budgets and wardrobes for prime time TV productions……probably. Or maybe they just look funny.

Clare Balding in a Slanket

Here we go again, another entry in the series ‘Famous people in Slankets and Snuggies‘ – this time it is the turn of British national treasure Clare Balding.

Clare Balding in a Slanket

Blankets with sleeves might be a mostly affordable product available to the masses, but it doesn’t stop high profile celebrities from joining in the fun…even though they probably didn’t buy theirs.

I wonder if she mucks out the horses in that?

Snuggie TV Commercial dub

This is a pretty slick over-dub of the original Snuggie TV commercial. Since it went viral the TV Commercial has been a target for ridicule and parody by internet pranksters ever since – but this version is one the best ones out there.

Delivered in a dry and under-stated voice-over, this is ‘Jaboody’ and his take on the ‘Snuggie Commercial’…..”Look at how much fun they’re having burning someone of a lesser race.”

Snuggie TV Commercial dub:

Evan Davis chilling in a Slanket

Evan Davis chilling in a Slanket

Here is a picture of the BBS’s Evan Davis relaxing in a leopard skin Slanket.

If this is where the British license fee is going…..then I approve.

One last demand however, any BBC journalist or presenter with a Slanket must wear it on TV Shows, not just for their radio shows.

Come on Evan, presenting Newsnight and delivering those tough and insightful questions will have more gravitas if you were wearing a Slanket. Sort it out.


More Famous people in Slankets and Snuggies.

Ian Rankin in a Slanket

Another entry into our ‘Famous people in Slankets and Snuggies‘ series – this time it is Scottish author Ian Rankin.

He may not have the glamour of Rihanna in a Snuggie, but Ian Rankin clearly knows how he likes to keep warm when he is reading a chilling novel.

Ian Rankin in a Slanket

Ian Rankin in a Slanket

You’d think that with all the books he has sold he’d be able to keep the heating on high all throughout winter. I guess he just likes the style.

I bet you any money that Rebus has a Slanket, but he doesn’t tell anyone, he only pretends to be a hard detective, but when he gets home he likes nothing more than slipping into a comfy Slanket with a hot cup of herbal tea while watching soap operas.


John Prescott in a Slanket

Look at this, if ever two things were meant to be together it is Lord Prescott and a Slanket!

Prescott looks right at home in this, plus the sleeves on a Slanket means he has his hands and arms free should he ever feel the need to throw a jab.

John Prescott in a Slanket

John Prescott may not be the most famous entry in our Famous people in Slankets and Snuggies series, but he is easily our favorite. There is no question that Prezza would have taken that home and is probably relaxing under it now.


Snuggie Rap (based on ‘My Dougie’ by Soulja Boy and Lil Wayne)

If you were trying to work out which is best between The Slanket and The Snuggie based on parody videos alone, then the Snuggie would win hands down.

The Snuggie has embedded itself into the public consciousness so deeply that there are literally thousands of parody videos about the Snuggie – from fan remakes of the original commercial all the way to rap tracks written about it.

And we turn our attention today to one of the better rap spoofs written and recorded about The Snuggie. This video uses ‘My Dougie’ by Soulja Boy and Lil Wayne as inspiration for a new rap track called ‘My Snuggie’. You can tell a lot of time and thought has gone into creating this rap ode to the Snuggie – so congratulations to all involved you ‘blanket-wearing Gangstas’.