Free patterns for making Snuggies and Wearable Blankets.

Reader Question time again!

We were sent this following request:
Q: Does anyone have a pattern or knows how to make a snuggie (wearable blanket)?
My 8 year old is begging for one and I was looking online for a pattern and not really having any luck!

A: Good question. You can find the free patterns for making your own Slanket and Snuggies HERE.

We hope they helped.

Alternatively there are very cheap children’s Snuggies and Slankets at and, so you should check them out too (often cheaper than buying the material).


Free Slanket Patterns – Make Your Own Slanket or Snuggie Blanket

The more adventurous of you out there will probably be thinking that it should be pretty easy to make your own Slanket or Snuggie, after all it’s just a large sheet of fabric with holes in strategic places. Well you’d be right (not that we’ve actually tired ourselves), and making your own Slanket or Snuggie is going to be way cheaper than buying one.

Making your own Slanket or Snuggie can be as cheap or as expensive as you’d like it to be – the cost comes down to what material you use, and how much you actually pay for the material. Fleece can be picked up very cheap, but you need to choose wisely, a cheap and flimsy fleece material will not provide the comfort and the durability that a more expensice fleece will.

Anyway, regardless of what material that you finally use, we’ve trawled the internet to bring you all the best patterns currently available for making your own Slanket or Snuggie.

4 Free Patterns and guides to make your own Slanket or Snuggie:

  1. The Snuglet:  A free pdf blanket pattern ready to print off from Welmoed’s Sewing Room
  2. How to make a Snuggie blanket from sewingneedlework . This is a great guide on how to make a snuggie blanket with in-depth instructions
  3. Here is a good, and very simple guide from eHow giving step by step instructions on how to make a Snuggie blanket from a basic fleece blanket. Easy!
  4. Sewing Pattern Review’s approach to making a snuggie/slanket is also recommended