Where can I buy a Harry Potter Snuggie?

Another reader question, where someone asks:

Where can I purchase / order a Harry Potter snuggie?

Harry Potter Snuggie


We have some answers for you right here:

Firstly be aware that Harry Potter blankets with sleeves do exist, however they are not made by Snuggie. Harry Potter ‘snuggies’ are actually a similar product to the Snuggie and are manufactured and sold by Northwest Enterprises.

The actual product isn’t too much different from the Snuggie in the sense that the fleece is about the same size and thickness – it is thinner than the Slanket – but still does a good enough job of keeping you warm.

It isn’t called a Snuggie, instead it is sold as ‘comfy throw with sleeves’ – but basically it is the same as a Snuggie.

Specifications and dimensions:

  • 100% polyester
  • Adult comfy throw with sleeves Harry Potter design
  • Measures 48-inch-by-71-inch
  • Machine washable
Harry Potter slanket

The best place to pick one up is at Amazon who usually have stock available.


The Hoodie Footie

The Hoodie Footie


There is an arms race taking place in the ‘blankets with sleeves’ market – with competing products like The Freedom Blanket, The Slanket, and The Snuggie all fighting for market-share and thinking up new features to distinguish their products and keep them fresh: The Slanket has introduced a foot pocket, The Snuggie launched a version for dogs, and all the companies keep releasing new and funky designs (Bitcoin anyone?).

But now a new product has hit the market that races ahead to the ultimate endgame where blankets with sleeves are eventually all merging into a full body blanket…..yeah, basically a ‘Onsie’. Step forward the ‘Hoodie Footie’.

The Hoodie Footie

The Hoodie Footie

The Hoodie Footie is basically a full-on fleece body suit.

Pajamagram is the company behing the Hoddie Footie, and they have dived in head first in the wearable blanket market and have created a product for all members on the family, for him, for her, for the kids…….and yeah, even for the dog.

The Hoodie Footie is a one piece garment that includes feet – basically the legs of the Hoodie Footie go directly into fleece socks/slippers, and the head features a hood with a drawstring.

The arms of the Hoodie Footie also covers your hands – although it does come with thumb holes so you can still be vaguely useful with your hands.

The whole thing has a zip up the front and comes with pockets at the front also. They have gone for utility as well as comfort in their product design.

Hang on, that sounds like I am basically covered completely, what if I get too hot?

Good question, and yes you are pretty much fully covered, but those clever people at Pajamagram have thought of this potential drawback and if you so desire you can unzip the feet from the Hoodie Footie and remove them if you so desire. Plus nobody is making you put the hood up, so leave it down if you are too hot.

The Hoodie Footie comes in a number of styles and colours, and it makes an interesting gift for your loved ones. It is cheaper than many of the Onsies on the market currently, that’s for sure.

Here is the official blurb about the Hoodie Footie:

Keep the entire family warm from head to toe with Hoodie-Footies made of our thickest and softest Marshmallow Microfleece. Hoodie-Footies are the hottest gift of the year and are a great way to wrap the ones you love in warmth. Available in a full range of sizes for newborns up to adults and even the family pets.

How big is the Hoodie Footie?

Specifications and dimensions for the Hoodie Footie:

  • Zip-up fronts
  • Cozy hoods
  • Handwarming cuffs
  • Warm footie feet (adults and youth zip off)
  • Kangaroo pockets
  • Can be personalized with names
  • Heavyweight Polyester Microfleece
  • Brand: PajamaGram

And here is the suitably bonkers commercial for the Hoodie Footie – they clearly saw the viral impact that the Snuggie video had and they have dialed up the WTF! level to 11 for this. Enjoy:

And here is another one:

Why buy one?

In all honesty the quality of the fleece is actually pretty good, thicker than a Snuggie and with less static, but not as thick and heavy as the Slanket – remember, this is a product designed for you to move around in, as well as lounging about in.

They are not a cheap item, usually retailing around the $80 mark for adults, so you’d expect quality at that price.

If you are unsure about your size or feel you are between sizes, then you might be advised to try the size below – as if you get a size too large then you will find the material can pile up in layers around your ankles.

One drawback is that if you need the toilet, and err….need to sit down, then you will have to take the whole thing off, so bear that in mind if you are settling down to a whole evening dressed ion your Hoodie Footie.

The fact that you can get a personalised one is a great touch though, and makes this product a really nice novelty gift.

The full range is available at Amazon


Sesame Street Elmo and Cookie Monster Blanket With Sleeves [Slanket / Snuggie]

elmo cookie monster slanket

Oh my! Now this is the best use of a wearable blanket that we have yet seen.

Sesame Street have released an Elmo and a Cookie Monster style slanket. It’s not officially made by the same people who make the Slanket, but who cares – they look amazing.

Product Description:

  • Sesame Street Elmo and Cookie Monster Face Snuggler Fleece Throw Blanket With Sleeves
  • Brand New Item!
  • Officially Licensed!
  • Universal Size (will fit all): 55″ by 72″
  • Made with soft, warm fleece, with sleeves to keep hands free
  • Has velcro closure in the back.

Both these Seasme Street blankets with sleeves come in adult sizes and are available now from Amazon.com.


Why Buy a Snuggie or Slanket?

The winters are here again. To keep yourself warm and cozy, whether while sitting on a couch watching your favorite soap or while surfing the Internet, you should use a snuggie. Snuggies are quite popular, but if you are not aware of what a snuggie is, let me explain. In simple words, snuggie is a blanket with sleeves. It is made of fine fleece that keeps you warm. The nice loose sleeves of snuggies allow free movement of the arms so that you can work without any difficulty.

Some benefits of snuggie blankets are given here –

Keep You Warm Always

Where a blanket keeps you warm when you are lying on a couch or bed, a snuggie keeps you warm while you are sitting, standing, walking, or lying. So, it keeps you warm irrespective of whether you are working in the kitchen or garden, or dining on the table.

Reduce Your Electricity Bills

A snuggie can reduce your electricity bills. This is because you can wear snuggie at home all the time, to keep you warm. Lesser load on the heating system means a lower electricity bill.

Available In Different Colors And Designs

Snuggies are available in a wide range of colors and designs. You can choose bold or soft colors in plain or prints. Nowadays, there are designer snuggies available with different animal prints like tiger, zebra, and camel. Since snuggies come in so many colors and prints, you do not have to compromise on your style.

One Size For All

Snuggies come in one standard size for all the adults. It is a unisex blanket or garment, as you may call it, which can be worn by any member of the family. However, if you have kids, you have to buy separate snuggies for them. The snuggies for kids are commonly known as Snugglettes.


Snuggies are inexpensive. You can buy a great snuggie for as less as $30. Moreover, as Christmas is approaching, several online stores are offering discounts on snuggies. You can even get great deals like ‘Buy One Get One Free’.

Customized Snuggies

You can get a made-to-order snuggie. Some companies make snuggies according to the choice of their customers. However, such orders for customized snuggies are generally accepted only for bulk deals.

Available For Dogs

Snuggies are not just available for humans but for dogs too. So, if you want to wrap your pet in warmth, you can buy a snuggie for your dog. It will provide better protection to your pet from the harsh chilly weather. Moreover, it is great for indoors as well as outdoors.

Buying a snuggie is easy. There are several online stores that sell snuggies. Just visit any such web site, choose the color and print, make the payment and the snuggie will be delivered at your home in a few days. So, no hassle of visiting several stores to find a perfect snuggie for you, it is just a click away.

Snuggie is a blanket with sleeve set that keeps you warm in winters. If you want the best deal on snuggies, please visit at Snuggie