A Star Wars Snuggie parody video

As Snuggie blanket parody videos go, this one is better than most – fusing the Snuggie with Star Wars.

It has been said many times that wearing a blanket with sleeves, like The Snuggie or The Slanket can make you look like a Jedi – the long flowing robe, and the large loose sleeves make an ideal substitute for a Jedi robe.

And one enterprising video maker has now taken the original Snuggie TV Commercial – the cheesy one that made everyone say WTF and made the Snuggie go viral – and has spliced it with footage of Star Wars. You’ll see Yoda snuggling down in what looks like a Snuggie, you will see the original women from the snuggie waving lightsabers instead of knitting needles, and you will see Luke Skywalker meet his match against a gentleman being all warm and cosy in his armchair….and much more.

The force is strong with this one, so sit back and enjoy ‘Snuggie Wars’


Real World Snuggie Review

Real world and impartial review of the Snuggie.

The good thing about today’s internet and social media is that no matter how niche your purchasing and shopping desires are, then there is always a good chance that somebody has already done all the hard work and written a review for you.

Here is a review of the Snuggie by some guy who wore his for 15 hours……but still complains about the static it generates:

Here is our Snuggie review

How can I clean my Snuggie?

Never afraid to tackle the big questions in the world of wearable blankets and blankets with sleeves, we take on your latest query. Here is our latest reader question.

I have a Snuggie and I need to clean it. How do I do it?

Don’t stress it, Snuggies are easy to clean. I guess in your excitement at receiving your Snuggie you ripped up the packaging and instructions in order to get your Snuggie on as soon as possible, and missed the washing instructions. Don’t fret, we have all done it.

here are some tips for washing your Snuggie – Turn your Snuggie inside out as over time this help prevent any piling occuring to the material. You can then machine wash your Snuggie with cold water on a gentle cycle, or on the lowest temperature that your washing machine has. The delicates and handwash cycle cycle is usually fine to use.

Once the cycle has finished then simply hang it up to air dry or line dry. You could probably put it in the dryer for a while on a low heat, but we wouldn’t advise doing this a lot.

Hope that helps!

What website can I order a cheap snuggie from?

Another reader question has popped in to us here, so we thought we give you all the answer. The question is:

‘What website can I order a cheap ‘snuggie’ from? Is it possible to get one for under $30?’

The answer is yes you sometimes can get one for under $30, and your best bet is to keep checking Amazon who run teh most discounts.

Alternatively you can also find cheaper alternatives to the Snuggie at Amazon – sometimes you will pay less for a non-brand name and the quality won’t be too much different to be honest.

Snuggie Rap (based on ‘My Dougie’ by Soulja Boy and Lil Wayne)

If you were trying to work out which is best between The Slanket and The Snuggie based on parody videos alone, then the Snuggie would win hands down.

The Snuggie has embedded itself into the public consciousness so deeply that there are literally thousands of parody videos about the Snuggie – from fan remakes of the original commercial all the way to rap tracks written about it.

And we turn our attention today to one of the better rap spoofs written and recorded about The Snuggie. This video uses ‘My Dougie’ by Soulja Boy and Lil Wayne as inspiration for a new rap track called ‘My Snuggie’. You can tell a lot of time and thought has gone into creating this rap ode to the Snuggie – so congratulations to all involved you ‘blanket-wearing Gangstas’.


Conference Snuggie Guy

What a legend, this guy goes to a conference in Las Vegas in 90 degree heat and wears his Snuggie all day.

When he gets picked up on camera he proceeds to pitch his company and show off his Snuggie….even stating that he was considering wearing it to the club for the after-conference drinks that evening.

Random guy in a Snuggie at a conference…..we salute you!


The Snuggie Parody (remix)

This is another pretty good video to add to the huge archive of Snuggie parody videos.

This video takes the original Snuggie commercial that went viral in 2008, and chops up the visuals and audio to give a very different commercial for the Snuggie. No extra footage has been added, but through smart editing you get the commercial uttering great new lines like:

“The Snuggie is made from ultra-soft women and children”

What the Snuggie parody video below:


Rihanna in a Snuggie

rihanna in a snuggie

If you were ever in any doubt about buying a Snuggie then we have good news for you. Maybe you are concerned that it will make you look like an idiot – well you are wrong, at least you are wrong if you look like Rihanna.

Rihanna wore a Snuggie on Ellen and rocked it. She still looked cool and classy. Easily the biggest name that we have seen wearing a Snuggie so far.

Check out Rihanna in a Snuggie below:


God loves a Snuggie

If you ever needed any further proof to get a Snuggie, then all you need to know is that God approves of a good blanket with sleeves, and he positively urges you to wear one to Church in the winter months.

The Metro Baptist church, which is located in Goodlettsville, TN, dived headfirst into the Snuggie parody video scene and used the Snuggie as the ultimate excuse to drag your backside out of bed on those cold Sunday mornings and get your Snuggie on in Church.

PLus I have to say, a guy preaching in a Snuggie is pretty compelling viewing – kind of looks like a biblical robe.

Check out their video below.

The Holey Blanket (Snuggie Spoof)