CAVS Snuggie Guinness World Record 3/5/10

Sports fans keep upping the game and breaking the records for the most people wearng fleece blankets (Snuggies and Slankets) at one time. This is the recent world record that was set at a CAVs game.


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  • FozokageAka4

    lol haters
    go cavs

  • suzyjazz

    That’s because the ‘lakers’ have no imagination.

  • dizy91

    this is the gayest thing ive ever seen in my life lmao
    you will never see this in a LAKER game thank god

  • KeySnuggieNight

    Thanks for posting this video!

  • azaman1794

    cavs won!

  • satanod666

    nice job fans.

  • PW0227

    lol went there 😀 fun game awsome snuggies

  • Robus41

    Amazing ;DD