Diesel and Pugsley with their Snuggie for Dogs – As Seen on TV Network

Are Snuggie for Dogs a hit? Ask the dogs! Diesel and Pugsley give us exclusive insight access into a day in their life with their Snuggies. Watch closely as their meticulous daily patterns are affected by the soft plush fleece blankets with sleeves. And then check out the action they get when they take it to the park. Ladies love canines in Snuggie for Dogs.


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  • dirtretro

    Poor dogs.

  • mindmonkey00

    im sure these dogs hate it in fact the pug tried to shoot himself because he couldnt take it off so thats why he lost an eye lol

  • mindmonkey00

    @dmdurany1 yeah i see what u mean they are panting throughout the video

  • evolk8

    please. Just take them off. If you have any mercy take them off.

  • christph31

    lol,thanks for your incredible vet advice dude….i dont think these guys are having any breathing problems from their Snuggie ,trust me…mine pants like Pugsley all the time even indoors under air.

  • christph31

    LOL.I loved this video!!My Pug Otis is just like Pugsley,and i want an English Bulldog sooo bad!!!

  • cellur111

    lol its rly kinds stupid to have a sunuggie for a dog..? but it doesnt do no harm to the dog lol so w/e 😛

  • girlinpink321

    as you can clearly see none of these dogs are in pain. there are alot of small breeded dogs that are cold all the time, and love warmth. this is 100% humane there is no reason to be so shallow and say this is inhumane. if you want to see something inhumane look up shock collers or choke chains. this is far beyond inhumane.

  • dmdurany1

    Please be humane and take the snuggies off.

    –a committed dog lover

  • dmdurany1

    Clearly, both of these dogs are brachycephalic meaning short-headed. These types of dogs have a very difficult time breathing due to a shortened windpipe. Both of these dogs are panting in the video and trying to cool themselves. It is obvious that they do not need to be wearing a snuggie if they are already overheated. Since they are brachycephalic and therefore have a hard time breathing to cool themselves down, it is completely unnecessary to have a snuggie on them indoors.

  • kelleyokelley

    snuggies for dogs? seriously?

    and why is this almost four minutes long?

  • Aso21Raiders

    I would never buy a regular snuggie, but snuggies for dogs look really cool.

  • TacoPictures

    total overkill 2:14 no you dont

  • jacob4458

    ohhhh cute puppys but the snuggy make them look like fags take them off them