Feeling Chilled – The Snuggie Remix (Snuggie Pardoy Video and Song)

Free mp3: www.colorpulsemusic.com I had a lot of fun making this. It pretty much speaks for itself. Please don’t take it too seriously. Enjoy! In the spirit of Auto-tune the News and DJ Steve Porter.

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  • TheeBaker

    or you cud cut the arms off an old jumper an sew them onto a blanket, or you cud just cut sum holes in a blanket!

  • DjBigRed1000

    This is simply excellent musical work. Super freaking hilarious, but then you realize that your head was bobbing to the beat the whole time you were laughing.

  • ElveeKaye

    Blanket with sleeves, LOL! Can’t they just put on a sweater? God, they all look like some weird cult, even the poor dog!

  • hymnofashes

    WARNING: May cause mormonism.

  • skimkingnl

    whahaha awesome i want one:D

  • ChroniclingOfDreams

    @ogabogapat lol, i was just thinking the same thing

  • Jochitko

    Best TVshop ever, they should use your video to sell the snuggie! 😀

  • Coui0112358

    now…this is real pop art!!

  • ogabogapat

    This song makes me feel bad for humanity for some reason

  • areyouserial

    I lost it when the dog was break-dancing.

  • sweetXsweet2009

    hahahah niiiice!!

  • ThePronoun

    Ah, the Cult Blanket. And now your dog can feel the shame as well.

  • ScientiaVeritasEtLux

    he’s just being a little bit creative and funny! Jeez, fucking crucify him.

  • theTdawgYo

    this I didnt like.. doesnt sound good and is completely ridiculus.. its funny, but its fucking annoying! Science please!

  • jockdoubleday

    youtube the calling NWO

  • Sinder2196

    And why isn’t this on iTunes?!!?! 😮

  • sknoflicek

    I am sad that I looked at your other videos after thinking your Symphony of Science videos were well done. Snuggie ….really!!

  • jockdoubleday

    burial shrouds. the NWO is working overtime on our subconscious minds.

  • FurryFenNick


  • oreosmooshy

    The rhyming in this commercial just begs for somebody on Youtube to autotune it into a song. Good job, melodysheep

  • Jakov77

    the snuggie is a lie!

  • StarbucksSamurai

    That is so awesome.

  • shawnsonium

    This is the Snuggie
    I’m making a note here…IT’S GOT SLEEVES
    It’s hard to overstate my warmth and comfort

    Blankets are okay
    But they slip and slide because they can
    So be cool like one of us
    Even the dog is kickass

    But there’s no sense trying to be mobile and warm
    You will need a Snuggie if you want to perform
    So just pick up the phone
    Lose that blanket you own
    ‘Cause it’s only $19.95

  • StarbucksSamurai

    The voice sounds too close to GLaDOS

  • IAmRodyle

    omg the dog…