• brennenmeasewhite

    this is the best thing I’ve ever seen lol

  • LoginErroronu

    skull and cross boness snuggy LMAO!

  • brbarker917

    wear dat shit on da steets hahaha

  • Csizmadia123

    lol ‘that shit’

  • kimedar

    thats gay yo

  • d3mo0

    hardcore snuggie

  • LaXerrrrrrrrrrrrrrrr

    theegamedude goes hard lmao

  • TheRagoShow


  • DeliriousGod

    jea boooi 😀

  • Saduwo

    Ahhh, I missed you man. Didn’t catch any more of your blog tv stuff 🙁

  • rice0boy0

    lmao funny need moreeee moreee prank calls

  • WhyNotME67

    lmao! ur awesome

  • Yousufisyousuf

    lol yeah boi

  • PercyinaBox

    buddy where have you been!? hope everything is swell

  • WhitepwrItalian1


  • gho5t187

    lol 5*s homie

  • szczepanz

    “recorded?” 😀

  • sirnicholson

    “thats gay yo”


    glad your back dude amazing prank call!

  • mossyx360

    Yes I missed you man. Thank fuck you are back, havent laughed in days. You fixed that

  • GazHasJazzHands

    missed you man

  • ILoveRickyThomas1983

    great as all ways welcome back you been missed

  • 7Ronin49

    Nice vid GameDude, i kinda want a black snuggy now.

  • NornGamer


  • skinhead565

    Hail to the king!!!