God loves a Snuggie

If you ever needed any further proof to get a Snuggie, then all you need to know is that God approves of a good blanket with sleeves, and he positively urges you to wear one to Church in the winter months.

The Metro Baptist church, which is located in Goodlettsville, TN, dived headfirst into the Snuggie parody video scene and used the Snuggie as the ultimate excuse to drag your backside out of bed on those cold Sunday mornings and get your Snuggie on in Church.

PLus I have to say, a guy preaching in a Snuggie is pretty compelling viewing – kind of looks like a biblical robe.

Check out their video below.

The Holey Blanket (Snuggie Spoof)

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  • TheBuddyHollyShow

    Derek! You were in a video! (and it wasn’t your hand!)