How can I clean my Snuggie?

Never afraid to tackle the big questions in the world of wearable blankets and blankets with sleeves, we take on your latest query. Here is our latest reader question.

I have a Snuggie and I need to clean it. How do I do it?

Don’t stress it, Snuggies are easy to clean. I guess in your excitement at receiving your Snuggie you ripped up the packaging and instructions in order to get your Snuggie on as soon as possible, and missed the washing instructions. Don’t fret, we have all done it.

here are some tips for washing your Snuggie – Turn your Snuggie inside out as over time this help prevent any piling occuring to the material. You can then machine wash your Snuggie with cold water on a gentle cycle, or on the lowest temperature that your washing machine has. The delicates and handwash cycle cycle is usually fine to use.

Once the cycle has finished then simply hang it up to air dry or line dry. You could probably put it in the dryer for a while on a low heat, but we wouldn’t advise doing this a lot.

Hope that helps!

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  • km

    you have a snuggie? hahahhaa

  • Bambi Berkowicz

    By law, all garments costing more than a couple of dollars must have a care tag sewn into them. Look for yours and follow directions.

    If you tore yours out, I’d suggest trying washing it in cold water and rinse and hang it up to dry or try the low setting in the dryer if you want to live on the wild side.