How do I wash and dry a Snuggie blanket?

We were contact by a concerned Snuggie user who was unsure how to wash and dry their Snuggie.

Good news – it is easier than you think. Here are our top tips for washing and drying your Snuggie (or Slanket).

If you need to wash your Snuggie, then it can be done in a regular washing machine. Just make sure you put it on a cold or delicate cycle. You may also want to turn it inside out in order to protect the material from ‘piling’ on the side that is usually exposed. As long as it is on a cold wash, then your Snuggie should be fine.

Tip: wash your Snuggie on its own (or at least with other items that are a similar texture and material) – it is abrasion that causes the most damage to your Snuggie and will cause piling of the blanket. Its best not to have anything else in the machine for it to rub against during the wash if possible.

To dry it, you have a couple of options – the best is to air dry it outside, preferably lying as flat as possible to stop it stretching or getting out of shape. But you can also put it in a dryer – as long as it is on a very low heat. Put it on a high heat and you can kiss goodbye to your beloved Snuggie. If you are drying your Snuggie in an electric dryer, always set it on short cycles so you can keep checking it – it is best to remove it as soon as it is dry to avoid it going round and round for too long.

Hope that helps.

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  • gofyourselfloser

    OMFG you has a snuggie?!

  • spicerjoe

    you dont, the manufacture suggests using spray carpet cleaner and vacuuming them.

  • B Anne

    Just wash and dry like you would a towel. I admit I have one (it was a gift) and the color didn’t run much, if at all, and it didn’t create as much lint as I feared it would.

  • Freddie R

    read the laundering instruction on the label

  • Eco/Enviro Girl

    I found a good site with instructions on how to wash fleece…

    Here it is:

    Turn your Snuggie inside out (to prevent piling) and machine wash with cold water on a gentle cycle… then hang it up and air dry it…. (I recommend air drying instead of the dryer – it takes longer but keeps fabrics looking new)


    If you are going to put it into the machine to dry on a low temperature (still inside out) DO NOT put a dryer sheet in – the wax from the dryer sheet (residue) ruins fleece (I’m speaking from experience) Instead add some vinegar to the rinse cycle and voila you have non-static fleece… (and no, your clothes won’t smell like vinegar it dissipates)

    :~) Hope this helps….