Ice Cream Boyz “My Snuggie” Official New Single and Video

Another Snuggie musical parody video – this time with high production values!

Check out the “Ice Cream Boyz” and their New Smash Single “My Snuggie”.

Arlen Escarpeta as “Kid Robot.” Director of Photography: Evangeline Avila. Director: Bryan Ross

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  • skizviz

    u guys need some spice in your life

  • cscott2323

    I love it!!!!!

  • kalibarbee

    Looooooooooves it! lol

  • pinkaddiction13

    in love with this video!!!!!!!!! too dope <333

  • 17Sk8ter

    You know monet killed it when she said ‘i rock snuggies got my swagg on but they look like snuggies’ but the videos still good.. i love it………….its so def!!!!!!!!!! Man Bryan you gotta get me a snuggie so i can show you how its done.J/K. YOU DID GREAT!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

  • candykisses77

    Nice video and nice song

  • skezz85

    Man like i said last night B.R. this funny and cold like Burrr!! Good work! Thanks for coming out!

  • janutt99

    Good Job guys!!!…

  • singmn

    Where can I get one of those snuggies? Too cool!

  • FunnyFreeloader19


  • yonibabes

    Love it! Great job you guys! Arlen is crazy! Can’t wait to see what’s next…woohoo! x

  • filmtroop

    Well done guys

  • dokspat

    2 SCOOP!

  • boozly32

    Snuggie & Sorbet, So Def!!