Idle Thumbs – The Wizard (Snuggie Remix)

Here is a Snuggie video parody from the more sinister end of the spectrum. The dark and gothic sytnths seem to match the robed people in the chimerical a little too well…..CULT OF THE SNUGGIE.

Idle Thumbs – The Wizard (Snuggie Remix)

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  • martinrking

    @NoniNonikins The best part in the comments is when the guy in accurately describes the best part of the video.

  • Generic32Name

    all the missing is the hood

  • wowzar0711

    uh…this is kinda dumb..sorry

  • VicePresidentBob

    how awkward is the outdoors scene.

  • Gringoros

    so arcane!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

  • NoniNonikins

    The best part is when they talk about the spectral blade and it matches the commercial

  • ucrclxl


  • Introdacqua

    This is beating a horse to death, mr. Games

  • mandalayx

    A++ would wizard again