• MrHeavyMetalx

    thats not funny…

  • mkailov13

    You’re a pretty good troll lol

  • TheDarthHater

    is it balling to count dollar bills sitting on the crapper? Maybe some of that balling money should be used for breast reduction for your tubby friend before he has back problems.

  • santry94

    You have to download it off of YouTube

  • miikkeesshh

    hahah thatz great dude 5 *


  • heysirr

    where can i get this download. this is funny as hell.

  • reallyrademoluv13579

    I love you for this.

  • lydiad452

    lmao this is what you have to deal with every morning if you live in pittsburgh like me…. lol mikey and big bob are hilarious

  • 11Staalsy

    I LOVE that you van see the green tree water tower

  • EcoLogicality

    thats awesome dude

  • mking2012


  • firunormal2

    Big Bob makes this

  • tweldo7076


  • apdriver312

    im all up in my mutha**** snuggie lol!!!!!

  • litledrumboy

    haha nice

  • Flomaystephgarywd003

    SNUUGGGIE BItch lmao wow

  • nmorris47

    HAHAHA! Freaksows the best!

  • ibelieveicansoar

    “Snuggie real as it gets”

  • atb64

    hahaha wow funny as hell but no where near as good as im on a boat… 1:48 was funny as hell tho