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The Kids Slanket: The ultimate review of The Kids Slanket. Information on where to buy The Kids Slanket online for the best prices:

Kids Slanket


The world famous Slanket is now available for children.

Let’s face it, it’s not just adults that like slouching about on the sofa, in fact children probably spend the most time sat around on the sofa…if our house is anything to go by at any rate. If this is true for you alos, then the Kid’s Slanket might just be the product that you are looking for as the colder months draw in, as it allows your youngsters to stay warm when watching TV, DVDs, or playing video games.

The original adult Slanket was such a runaway success, it wasn’t long before people were asking for a version of the Slanket for children. We know first-hand that as soon as you bring a Slanket into a house it is only a matter of minutes before you can kiss goodbye to it during day-time when it gets appropriated by the kids. So here it is, a Slanket for children – but is it any good?

Kid’s Slanket Review:

The first thing that we were pleased to notice about the Kid’s Slanket is that it is made from the exact same material as the Adult Slanket – a thick and warm polyester, with a comforting weight to it that retains heat and keeps you warm. All too often you can find children’s versions of adult products sometimes skimp on quality, that’s not the case here, your child will have more than enough of the thick, warm fabric to ensure that they remain fully covered (and then some!) at all times.

What is The Kids Slanket made of?:

The Slanket is made from 100% polyester fleece, and Non-pilling fabric – this means it is totally machine washable (useful for messy kids that are prone to spilling stuff like drinks). The slanket is thick but lightweight, and very soft to the touch, and the large and spacious sleeves leave the child’s arms free to read a book, or more likely hold the controller of their video game console.

How big is The Kids Slanket?

Obviously the children’s Slanket is smaller than the adult sizes, but that said, it is still pretty big – it is aimed at children between the ages of 4 and 10, maybe even slightly older than that depending on the size of the child. As a general rule the Kid’s Slanket is ideal for any child under 5ft, any taller than that and you would probably be better off with an Adult Slanket.

The sleeves will be longer than needed for most children, but this is no real problem as you can push or roll them up easily, and all the extra fabric just adds more warmth and a feeling comfort anyway. The Kid’s Slanket will also cover their legs fully – it is basically too long to walk in and you will need to hold the bottom up to effectively walk in it – but to be honest, that is exactly what you want from a comfort blanket, you want that extra material to layer over yourself and to ensure you can get fully lost in the fabric.

Children's Slanket

We would not recommend on giving them to any child aged 3 or under, there is just too much fabric for them to get tangled in, and they’d be better off with a regular blanket at that age.

The generous size of the Kid’s Slanket is a bonus as it will last for years and your child wont grow out of it in a hurry. We have one since 2010, and it still fits perfectly, and gets regular use over 5 years later.

Size and dimensions of the Kid’s Slanket:

  • Height – 66″ / 167 cm
  • Width – 44″ / 111 cm
  • Weight: 821 g
  • Material: Machine washable, high quality, 100% Polyester fleece


If you are thinking about getting a blanket with sleeves for your child, then you will definitely get good use out of it, not only do they make great gifts and kid’s love the novelty factor of them, but they also have other practical uses such as when your child gets ill and needs stay warm in bed – at least they can stay in bed with a Slanket on and still have their arms free in order to read and play. They are also great for bedtime, camping, long night-time car journeys, slouching around the house on a cold day, the sky is the limit – Quick tip: if you have kids that are fans of star wars, simply put the slanket on backwards and it makes a great improvised jedi gown!

So what are the downsides? Well, the Kid’s Slanket is probably the most expensive blanket with sleeves for children on the market. It usually retails at around $26.99 / £24.99 which is almost twice the price of other comparable products (that said, you can usually find large discounts on Amazon).

You can get other blankets with sleeves at much cheaper prices (less than $10 / £10, see the Snuggie for Kids) but you will find that the quality of the material is not as good – they are thinner, more itchy, and way more prone to static. Some of the alternatives have also signed up licensed brands and characters (such as Disney’s Frozen, Spiderman, etc…), so it might be hard to persuade your child that a Slanket is better value for money. You can browse some of the alternatives here – and they all fulfil the basic promise of being ‘a blanket with sleeves’, just don;t expect the quality that you get with The Slanket. If budget is a primary concern, or you just want a cheaper product to see if your child will use it, then these make serviceable alternatives, just be sure to read all the reviews before buying.

Kid’s Slanket:

kids slanket

OK, I want one. Where can I buy a Kid’s Slanket?:

The Kid’s Slanket is now available online. but to be honest your best bet of getting one at a good price is at Amazon, you can also browse any cheaper alternatives at the same time.


Something else to consider: If you are looking for a more affordable option then you can check out the Snuggie for Kids. This is basically the same product, but the fleece is thinner. It also comes in various designs that included licensed children’s characters.

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