• gaaraofthedesert33

    But i wanna be an extra on Harry Potter. xD

  • RGTV32

    rofl nice very fashionable

  • gretchandgurd

    watch our snuggie parody (stranglie) and the bump it (boner it) parody!


  • 1hotshordi

    Haha made me crack up! Thank you for making my day!! I love your kids they are adorable!!! And you are extremely beautiful!

  • indoodubly

    loveland ohio!

  • VelvetVixen21

    I want to see Part 2 of your Snuggie adventure!

  • navel2neck

    Ok of all the Snuggie parodies this is the BEST!! And I’ve seen them all trust me (I work for the company that makes them) so I know my Snuggies. Hey they also come in kid’s size too!! Blue and neon green! Get the kids indoctrinated into the cult today!!!

  • thesuburbsTV

    lmao! loved it

  • HodgsonMoffat

    The best Great job!

  • jhartfelt

    Great production value. Hilarious concept.