“My Snuggie” Video Parody

Parody of Li’l Will & Soulja Boy’s “My Dougie;” music video for “My Snuggie.” Thanks to Kari for the idea & John Gentillalli & Luiz Diaz for filming, acting, & assistant directing. A 2009 Too Much Robert Partridge Production.


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  • sarahm711

    you can go to slanket hell:D

  • acgdrummergirl

    oh my gosh i was listening to the real song and i was thinking of a snuggie and then i typed it on you tube and some one did it!!!! thanx dude haha!

  • hannahmartin08


  • aboutdue1

    HA HA HA AWESOME! “…snuggle-dribble”…HA HA HA

  • ashanti732

    wtf ni99a u cnt rap lmao

  • WeAreTheLucyz

    LOLLLLLLL!!!! you dont even look like you should be listening to the hip hop channel lmao…you had me rolling when you started singing lol!

  • graceisbetterthanyou


  • cbjonesinthecity

    LOL check out my snuggie dance!

  • luvadrianm

    lol classic lol

  • phoinexgtg


  • randy8418

    nah thats snuggle dribble thats legal LOL

  • evanbjones

    damn, quality parody sir

  • themrhollowayshow

    this is good stuff. Warmer than a mutha fucka!!