• zamorci

    They look like colorful Grim reapers…

  • erinxlovesxpoms

    @greetingsitscarl haha the poor old man doesnt have a snuggie!

  • cutiekota

    Y stand up in a snuggie if u wanna stay warm I’m wearing mine right now and there’s nothing in the back 2 keep u warm

  • jonessodaandukuleles

    someone please tell me where i can download this song. it’s my jam.

  • Ihateginny

    @greetingsitscarl that old guy is pissed:P

  • punklovinprincess

    look at the old man shivering thats not wearing a snuggie at 1:04! lol

  • HappieRosie

    the old people at the movies in their snuggies…..rofl.

  • F0uriGirl1299

    many things are wrong with this commercial:
    1. no one would ever go out in public in one
    2. what does being able to read a book, click a remote, or talk on the phone have to do with being warm?
    3. there r only white people in this commercial
    4. the lady with the booklight is reading in DAYLIGHT

    this commercial is just ridiculous and a bit gayish.

  • luvasia

    THAT’S RIGHT!!! 🙂

  • Daionisio

    But why is your dorm room so drafty?? Maybe you should talk to the college about that O.O

  • ParanoidToaster

    I once saw a man wearing this in public. I suddenly thought: “Hmmm, maybe they’re not so bad?” Then the man got on a special citizen’s bus and I walk away.

  • TheMuffinist

    i do can imagine lady gaga with a snuggie.

  • MissPinkribbonz

    lol they only need a book light becasue they can’t see that the snuggie is hidiously ugly..

  • NAMaStROmaRinO

    the snuggie is a fail cult

  • dizy91

    lmao at the old guy shivering cuz he doesnt have a snuggie on a summer day lmao

  • Ashely10183

    I guarantee you, if u wear this to the movies…you will end up not watching the movie you wanted to see


  • CherryFlavouredRamen

    Anyone else feel bad for the old bald guy shivering while everyone else is cheering in their Snuggies? They should share, dammit. He’s cold.

  • bodykinks

    “luxurious fleece”

  • FunOrNotFun

    There’s one thing to be an idiot and go and buy this and wear it at home but start wearing outside that’s just…Retarded..

  • Gibix

    Oh god!! Stop!! I can’t take it! HAHAHAHAHAHA!!!



  • LegoGuy87

    i think this is the time that snuggies will rule the world.

  • igirly123