Real World Snuggie Review

Real world and impartial review of the Snuggie.

The good thing about today’s internet and social media is that no matter how niche your purchasing and shopping desires are, then there is always a good chance that somebody has already done all the hard work and written a review for you.

Here is a review of the Snuggie by some guy who wore his for 15 hours……but still complains about the static it generates:

Here is our Snuggie review

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  • WahlbergM

    your theeth look like they came straight out of startrek

  • NyzProblem

    @heftymadmonkey i couldnt agree anymore

  • wevor4tard

    what a loser.
    how is he a tool for being comfortable WHILE KNITTING AND HOLDING A BABY.

  • legendkiller4000

    yo lucas its dreamcatch lol one size trips all adults classic

  • Asiantothemax48

    lol slanket sounds like skanket

  • NewPSCity

    LOL i am not wasting my cash on this. LOL peace.

  • heftymadmonkey

    If you’re not sarcastic then you’re a tool for having it.

  • RobotChicken28

    Ur sick of Call of duty already?

  • shenmue1818

    Can you walk in the snuggie or stand up?
    I can’t but thats just because I’m 4 foot 10

  • cola5280

    nice review lol you made me want one

  • johncenaroxdowntheh

    lol look to bottom left, i see a woody toy from toy story. woody rocks!

  • PR3Y4K1ll3RGR3Y

    the pursuit of happiness is a very good movie

  • Chappitto

    btw,you look like a wizard.lolz

  • Chappitto

    wheres the other one you made with me,grey,and trey?!?!

  • David1989yo

    1st comment