• luvasia


  • tammyXpirate

    poor dog.

  • tammyXpirate

    poor dog.

  • MsHappyCinnamon

    i feel bad for the poor soul in the cold without a fucking snuggie.

  • nincure

    @NGOCPY “it took us 16 tries to do the wave without anyone’s snuggie falling off!” (it’s from some parody one, not the wtf blanket but another one. LOL)

  • ParanoidToaster

    At 0:24 did anyone notice the old guy shivering in a coat? XD

  • bedtimeSTALLION

    Lmao at 0:20 the one shivering guy without a snuggie xD

  • MrROTD

    yeah since my dog likes to read books lmao

  • FMAddict13

    I COULD just wear a bathrobe backwards.
    What’s the difference? It even comes in more colours.


    OMG x]!
    a snuggie for your dog. I laughed so hard.
    but then i almost died when they did the wave XDDDDDD

  • thebestestperson

    Lol even a snuggie for ur dog!

  • MissPinkribbonz

    Omg…a snuggie to the movies is just….not good

  • thepindrop

    ok…..a girl wering a snuggie is already gay but a motherfuckin guy wering is just plain fukin gayass

  • powellpicc1985

    Raise the motherfuckin’ roof.

  • rainbowdecay

    0:24 there is ppl shivering ahaha

  • 123littlegeek

    the snuggie i have is my mom’s robe

  • casams1992

    hahahahhahaha the guy who dances everytime you see him makes me g33k

  • Ashely10183

    …When they did the wave…they looked so gave

    Old people can’t drive
    old people can’t do the wave
    And old people can’t wear snuggie’s…smh

  • Ashely10183


    You think that someone really gay that wears a robe backwards is…AWESOME??


  • Ashely10183

    It’s a robe…backwards.

    smh…if you wear this in public…your really gay

  • Ashely10183


    A regular fucking blanket is better than this peice of shit…I SWEAR TO GOD…IF MY MOM BOUGHT MY THIS…I WOULD PISS ON IT!

  • Ashely10183

    Snuggie’s are gay… smh

    Get on my nerves

  • sensay111

    WTF first thing i thought was kill your dog have cult meetings in ur back yard

  • luke4090

    the snuggie is for morons who dont mind stripping naked to pee

    -daniel tosh

  • lerxt42