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The Ultimate Slanket


The Slanket is pitched as being “The Best Blanket Ever”, and once you have tried one it is hard to disagree.

So what is a Slanket? To put it bluntly – it’s basically a massive fleece blanket with sleeves. Like all the best ideas it is essentially very simple, it takes an existing concept (the blanket) and adds a few modifications (sleeves), and comes up with something brand new – a blanket with sleeves! A blanket you can wear! And like all the best ideas, you don’t really need one – but you’ll want one, and it will make you feel great.

If you want to pick one up now then head straight over to Amazon who have all colours available at the best prices, but if you are undecided and want to learn more about The Slanket, then read on.

The Slanket story:

The Slanket was created by a young entrepreneur called Gary Clegg. The Slanket story begins in 1997 when Clegg was a freshman at the University of Maine. One cold winter night he was up late watching TV in his cold dorm room while trying to keep warm under a blanket. He quickly became annoyed each time he had to pull his arm out from under the blanket to reach for a drink, or to change the TV channel and all the heat escaped – so he came up with the simple idea of adding sleeves to the blanket.

Clegg contacted his mother and initially asked her to add a single sleeve to his blanket, so he could still use one arm, and after regular use he asked for another arm to be added – and so The Slanket was born!

Clegg said in an interview:

“That Christmas break, I asked my Mom to make me a blanket with one sleeve, I used it all through college. Then I redesigned it to have two sleeves. That’s literally how it all got started.”

Clegg went on to trust his instincts and take a gamble on his creation – he had an initial batch of Slankets created and started selling on QVC to see if there was an appetite for his product. They were an instant success and sold out and he hasn’t looked back. Since its launch, The Slanket has become wildly successful and has spawned a wealth of imitators, and has made a small fortune for its inventor along the way.

Here is a profile on Gary Clegg on Forbes where he talks about inventing the Slanket.

It is important to note that even though The Slanket came out a couple of years before The Snuggie (in fact it was the Snuggie commercial that ended up going viral which ended up raising awareness for all the blankets with sleeves and embedding the product concept into public awareness), it wasn’t actually the first sleeved blanket to hit the market – that honour goes to the Freedom Blanket. The Freedom Blanket started out as a small business before Slankets hit the market, and each one was made by hand by the Iannuzzi family. Their design was never patented, and so competition was born.

How big is The Slanket?

The Slanket for adults is a unisex product and comes in one size. It is purposely made to be extra large so you can completely cover yourself from neck to toe.

  • Slanket (overall size) – approximately 60 inches Wide x 80 inches in length
  • Large loose sleeves – approximately 71.1cm x 34.3cm
  • Collar length: 18 inches
  • Weight: 3.8 ibs

What is The Slanket made of?:

The Slanket material

The Slanket is made from 100% polyester fleece, and non-pilling fabric – this means it is totally machine washable (should you spill anything on it, or just take a week off work and wear nothing else but your Slanket). The Slanket is thick but lightweight, and very soft to the touch, and the large and spacious sleeves leave your arms feeling so free that you don’t actually realise that you are wearing it – you just feel wrapped up in its warmth. It’s the perfect winter warmer to keep you toasty.

The Slanket is also fully machine washable and can be put in a washing machine at 30 degrees or lower, and can also go in the tumble dryer on a low temperature. Don’t try to iron it though – it’s not good for the fleece.

So why should I buy one?

The Slanket distinguishes itself from its competitors in a number of ways. Firstly the Slanket is made from a thick super plush micro-fiber fleece which makes it one of the thickest wearable blankets on the markets, and it also means it is extremely efficient at retaining heat and keeping you warm.

The Ultimate Slanket also features a built in foot pocket, so you can slide your feet into it to ensure there is really no way that they will pop out the bottom and become exposed to the cold.

The company also prides itself on its customer service and the inventor of The Slanket, Gary Clegg sums up their approach to business by saying:

“We’re from Maine. We have that kind of corner store, Mom-and-Pop outlook on business. We like to make connections like that with our customers”

Slanket Gallery

The Slanket in various colours and sizes. Click to see full sized picture:


The Slanket in the Press

The Slanket has had an explosion of press and magazine exposure with a ton of positive reviews. Here are a select few quotes from various reviews of The Slanket:

  • “It’s the perfect present for those who need help coping with cold winter evenings.”  Daily Mail – Dec ’09
  • “… The Slanket is the perfect gift for those that love to snuggle in front of the TV and with the nights getting colder, this is going to be a real winner.”  What Video & Hi-Def TV – Dec ’09
  • “Now you can curl up on the sofa under a blanket, but still have your arms free to play with boogies and waft farts at yourself. It’s a blanket but with sleeves-it’s a Slanket.”  Front – Nov ’09

OK, I want one. Where can I buy a Slanket?:

Good news my slightly chilly friend, The Slanket is available online in the UK and the US at very reasonable prices and comes in a number of colours and patterns. See below for the best places to buy a Slanket:

Your first stop should always be Amazon. They always have stock, usually offer free shipping, and have all styles and patterns available. Check out the Slanket range HERE


There are other options other than Amazon, you could also try which gets stock in from time to time.

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