Snuggie Commercial – NEW COLORS!

Visit site: – THE one and only Snuggie is back and better than ever with NEW colors! The blanket with sleeves that swept the nation with warmth and coziness has returned and now offers a greater selection of colors, and the ability to order one to take advantage of the new Snuggie colors, Snuggie for kids, or Snuggie for pets!

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  • besie0

    1:13 Why is there a spotlight focused on them in the cinema? DOES IT MAGICLY APPEAR IF YOU WEAR THE SNUGGIE? :O

  • 0bsess

    It’s like wearing your bathrobe, but backwards.

  • AsUniqueAsMyName

    @AsUniqueAsMyName Also, I reckon most people would buy the snuggie for the light. Lol.

  • AsUniqueAsMyName

    No. It’s not a snuggie. It’s an over sized dressing gown. Dressing gowns are cheaper, anyway.

  • MysterySim

    who would wear a freakin snuggie at a soccer game. who ever’s parents those are, the son or daughter is probably really embaressed.

  • offspringfanman96

    get on your snuggie!

  • Crazie97Azn

    whod wear a ‘”stuppie” in the movies?

  • boatchickprime

    The pictionary game at 0:29 is the absolute BEST.

  • SheaF91

    I am wearing a Snuggie right now, and I hate myself for it.

  • pokeypokey104

    1:49 to 1:52 omg lol!!!!

  • Chyaman09


  • Chyaman09


  • adamsmithk5

    check out the old bastard at the ball game shivering

  • youtared

    fail .