Snuggie D-Lux – The best Snuggie parody video so far?

This is great Snuggie parody video, one of the best we’ve seen. Basically the video proposes a new type of Snuggie that allows you to not only keep your hands free, but also allows you the freedom to go to the bathroom without having to take your Snuggie off. We wonlt spoil it and say what the “D” stands for – wait until he end when all is revealed.

Adult humour warning!


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  • ElitexMarksman

    funny as shit man keep it up..

  • rlopesyan

    The D stands for dick-sleeve!

  • yorickbekking

    That was awesome!

  • Rosegal807

    omg lol that was so funny dude was like humping her with a snuggie on..

  • WinterPainted


  • bcpuppydawg

    My volume’s not even working, and I was cracking up even without the audio! xD

  • mavrek47

    LMAO…..I wish you could order one for a “gag gift.”

  • Dobbs8816

    The D is for dick sleeve.

  • TaylorRocksOutLoud

    Oh… My… God…

  • matiz1988


  • ChrisCapel1998

    I didn’t laugh at all during this until the last line. Then it all came pouring out. Totally made the video.

  • odetomy

    LOL!! That made me laugh so hard!!

  • coolnerd10

    hahhaha, ohh wow !

  • 134amy134


  • killarz007

    lmao at the guys face at 0:09

  • zlonewolf1

    Snuggie D-lex in the computer room. Lmfao the guy reaching for his shaft. LMFAO.

  • bibbster14

    HAHAHAHA the d stands for dick sleve haha thats classic

  • evilvincent

    Where can I buy one of these?

  • 1zzzzzz11

    You have enriched my day

  • airforce1351

    Really wow just WOW……..

  • mrpinkwtc

    Awesome. Embedded at whatthechrist d0t c.m today. Thanks for the laugh.

  • karenhamway1970


  • pimp8343

    i would buy this lol

  • fatboymatt

    There’s even a belt!

  • Flammazine

    yeah that killed me too lol