Snuggie “Designer Series” – Zebra, Camel, Leopard Snuggies now available! (Buy 1 Get 1 Free)

The new range of designer snuggies are now available! Check out the commercial for animal print Snuggies above, or check out the best places to buy them below.

You can now get Zebra Print Snuggies, Camel Print Snuggies, and Leopard Print Snuggies. We have team up with As Seen On TV to bring you the special offer belwo – Buy 1 Amimal Print Snuggie and get 1 FREE:

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  • dointime85

    i wore a leopard-snuggie for halloween!

  • TheAddisonShow01

    lol camel

  • peaceluvselroberts

    OMG lmfao!

  • Rampancyy

    My draw hit the floor when I saw this.

  • chickengut

    How stuck up do you have to be to not want a snuggie unless it has an animal pattern on it? Seriously.

  • wiresandwood

    I love how they couldn’t think of a word to describe the zebra print that starts with a Z. There’s classic camel, luxurious leopard and then…stunning zebra.

  • deathbal101

    They looks like some kind of cult cloak.

  • SplendidImaginings

    FUCK. YES.

    BTW, anybody else notice the snuggies are just housecoats you wear backwards?

  • kaylajonas4ever


  • afay

    “when are you going to make one that is a little more stylish for me?”

  • BuMbLeSsSs

    I want that double offer, SO SO bad.

  • WobblyLegMan


    I wuntz teh camel…

  • Ning324