• Yodagang6

    ikr sk8er10657

  • Sk8er10657

    bahaha the girl with the book light doesnt even need it shes readin in brod daylight!!

  • Numbah1PotSmokah


  • dasma4

    Lol, “Burn people of a lesser race.”

  • BrianShray

    @popularbutrejected yeah, thats the guy whos actually not an idiot unlike the rest

  • SkidRo123

    @popularbutrejected and he looks so cold in his sweater……and long sleeve…..and collared shirt

  • awesomeJoz

    Seriously.. who brings a blanket to a movie theater?

  • imnevergonnagrowup

    Have a cult meeting out in the woods? The rituals have never been so fun! Sh**, look how much fun these people are having as they burn someone of a lesser race!
    At the movies with your creepy uncle? Don’t let that creepy uncle get to you. But that creepy uncle is still trying to get in your pants. Don’t let him. Don’t listen to that f*&$ing uncle of yours.

  • chilislavecutie

    I work at Bed Bath & Beyond and alll of these videos make me laugh so much! People actually buy all this shit!

  • Baltizar18

    they look like cult members

  • MondoMiles

    hahaha “cleaning”
    wow look at her fuckin cool xD

  • likeajavelin

    That’s right I read, FUCK you.

  • kittycatgirl005

    @5566799 holy crap i didnt no u were mentally ill i suggest u get help becuz u hav gender confusion

  • kittycatgirl005

    @musicluva13579 o no im so afraid i watched this cuz my friend told me 2 she agrees with me after i showed her wtf blanket and is tht a threat cuz u dnt even no who i am or wat i look like so dont judge others

  • kittycatgirl005

    @SnowiMint i watched becuz my friend told me 2 and then i showed her wtf blanket its better just check it out even my friend agrees with me i hope u realize tht

  • HeRvEiNyA69

    Happiness in my pants

  • Kijo98

    @PeaceLoveTay best line XD

  • killercow46

    lol do u have a cult meeting out in the woods!

  • mattakudesu

    do you have a cult meeting out in the woods? NO PROBLEM!

  • jayyyyycob

    i would join that cult

  • SuperChaoTV

    0:20 what was that laugh (or some noise)?

  • opera104

    creepy uncle ftw lulz

  • KittyKatKicker

    “Dogs are still safe, but your creepy uncle is still trying to get in your pants! Don’t listen to that creepy uncle!”

  • ericdrago1

    i know!!

  • cgmeza97

    backwards robe