Snuggie Pub Crawl 2009: San Francisco

I’ve never said the word Snuggie so many times in my life. Fun night at Polk Street in San Francisco where folks dress up in Snuggies and go bar hopping. Also contests for decoration in the categories of: best male, best female, best couple or group, and sluttiest Snuggie. Backwards robe-blanket fo’ life.

Don’t forget that SF Giants fans can get now get SF Giants Snuggies! One of these for your next Snuggie Pub Crawl would definately make you stand out:

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  • TranCendenZ

    Snuggie is a terrible product. Consumer Reports washed it 10 times, and it had holes in it and pills all over.

    Also, it’s thin and not even warm.

  • bekawild

    Yeah… thanks for noticing my (Chun Li) craftsmanship… yay