Snuggie Vs. Slanket: The Great Wearable Blanket Debate

One of the big questions of our age is surely Slanket Vs Snuggie – who would win?

The Snuggie/Slanket debate is hot…. or at least warm…or is toasty a better phrase?


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  • KeySnuggieNight

    I think all blankets should have sleeves.

  • 5eters

    Can you beat my brute?

  • ishbit92

    i got my friend a slanket. slankets are softer, but they are better for short people ( or people with short arms) , because the sleeves are short. i have a snuggie. i think both are awesome.

  • JimmyDThing

    I still don’t get it. It’s a crappy blanket made of felt with holes in it. Buy a bathrobe.

  • hanakosama

    i saw this on “Sunday Morning” and laughed all the way through it.

    Mo Rocca, you are simply awesome.

  • kylep8514

    When I was young we had a sleeping bag with snaps instead of a zipper and it was designed to convert into a snuggie. Probably 1985.

  • edgarallanpoet

    @videogamebrvs1 Mo Rocca is the best on Wait Wait Don’t Tell Me, and I Love The 80’s.

  • videogamebrvs1

    You are my favorite on Wait Wait Don’t Tell Me 😀

  • lynneaze