The Snuggie: The Review of The Snuggie blanket, and information on where to buy The Snuggie blanket online for the best prices:

The Snuggie


The Snuggie was created a couple of years after The Slanket, but the Snuggie has arguably made more of a cultural impact than The Slanket ever did after its commercial went viral in 2008. For a short time The Snuggie became an object of fun, as it was featured on News reports, with the presenters often wearing Snuggies during the segment (as happened on the Today show) and the head of the company was even featured on Oprah.

The serious and earnest tone of the original commercial, for what is essentially a novelty product (a blanket with sleeves), was the main reason that people started making fun of the product and many Snuggie parody of the original were made and uploaded to YouTube. The net outcome of this exposure was a marketing executive’s dream and it cemented the product in the pubic consciousness and it quickly became a cult item. The Snuggie embraced the humor and rode the initial wave of ridicule to drive up huge sales – to date it has accrued over $500 million in sales.

Check out the original Snuggie commercial below:

The Snuggie blanket is basically a cheaper alternative to The Slanket, but essentially the design is pretty much the same – it’s a fleece blanket with sleeves that covers you from neck-to-toe.

So why should I buy a Snuggie?

The Snuggie blanket is made from thinner material than The Slanket and it is arguably less effective at keeping you warm than its more expensive cousin – the Snuggie is made from polyester but it is a slightly less luxurious fleece than that of The Slanket, and you can feel a significant difference in weight between the two products when you compare them (watch out for static!).

The Snuggie is usually about half the price of The Slanket, so it’s a fantastic alternative, and there is room for both in the ‘wearable blanket’ and ‘blanket with sleeves’ market 😉

As it is more lightweight, the Snuggie makes a great option as a travel blanket for a long journey. Taking a Slanket on a journey would require a bag for the Slanket alone, and at least with a Snuggie you can probably stuff it into an existing bag that you might have – so the thinner material is an advantage in a situation like that.

The Snuggie also has an intangible value that The Slanket just doesn’t have, the sort of value that comes only with something that has had its time in the public consciousness as a WTF! moment – the insane coverage that the Sunggie got went it went viral has instilled the product with ‘ironic’ and kitsch value that you just don’t get with The Slanket.

If you are looking to save money, or perhaps do not need a thick blanket to curl up on the sofa in, then The Snuggie Blanket makes a cheaper alternative than The Slanket. The Snuggie still does the job and is ideal for bundling up in and watching the TV. After all, millions of customers can’t be wrong.

The Snuggie: Product Description:

Snuggie – The revolutionary blanket with sleeves. Read, drink and answer the phone all while never having to take your arms out from under this warm blanket.

The sensation that is sweeping the nation! The blanket with sleeves! Curl up with a good book and your favorite warm beverage while wrapped in the comforting warmth of this Snuggie Fleece Blanket. This unique blanket with sleeves keeps you warm from head to toe, yet gives you the freedom to use your hands. Great for outdoor events too!

  • Machine washable and dryable
  • Super soft Micro fibre midweight polyester fleece
  • One size fits all
  • Comes in Assorted colours: Blue, Grey, Red etc…
  • Premium quality – lasts for years
  • Keep warm without running up the power bill
  • Complete fredom of movement

How Big is The Snuggie Blanket?:

The Snuggie blanket is a one size fits all product. You can get smaller ones for kids, but all adult Snuggies are the same size.

The Snuggie comes in one adult size and is designed to cover an adult, with extra material that can be wrapped around the feet.

  • Measures approx. 71″ x 54″
  • Sleeves measure approx. 30″ x 11″ each
  • Collar length: 8 inches
  • Weight: 1.4 lbs

Snuggie Gallery

Click on images to see full size:

OK, I want one. Where can I buy a Snuggie Blanket?:

Snuggies can be picked up insanely cheaply online:

The Snuggie cult:

The Snuggie is easily the ‘blanket with sleeves’ that has the most parodies and has burrowed itself into pop culture like no other blanket before it. As testament to its novelty value, Snuggie pub crawls are now common-place events in the United States. The first one took place in January 2009, just after the Snuggie product went viral, and was held in Cincinnati. Within months Snuggie pub crawls were being organised in cities all across the US, with many using the event to raise awareness and funds for various charities. ‘BYOS’ – bring your own Snuggie. So now, when someone ridicules you for your Snuggie and says something like “Would you go out in that?“, you can answer “Yes, with loads of other people on a Snuggie pub crawl, fool“.

Check out the New York Snuggie Pub crawl:


By the way, you can now also get Snuggies for Kids, read our review here.

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