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Dog Snuggies


The success of The Snuggie seems to know no bounds – Snuggies are now available for dogs. Just when you think that the Snuggie itself was a perfect WTF! moment, along comes Snuggies for Dogs to blow your mind all over again.

So if you have a short-haired dog that suffers in colder temperatures, or you have a dog that just likes being spoilt and surrounded in comfort, the Snuggies for Dogs are probably what you are looking for.

It’s not that strange….

Okay, so it is a Snuggie for Dogs, once you get over that fact then it actually isn’t really that odd. There have been indoor and outdoor coats, and ‘pet sweaters’ for dogs for years, so adding one more to the mix isn’t that unusual….even if it is a Snuggoe.

So what is the Snuggie for Dogs?:

Think of a dog-coat made from fleece material and you are there. Instead of two holes for sleeves, the Dog Snuggies has four holes for the legs.

The Snuggie itself is made from the usual Snuggie fleece that you get with the regular (‘human’) Snuggie – so it if fully machine washable, as lets face it, dogs can smell.

The leg sleeves are wide and spacious, making it easy to get your dog’s legs into them. The Snuggie itself is attached by a Velcro strap, which makes it easy to wrap around, fasten, and secure to your dog. The usual dog sweaters on the market require you to pull the sweater over your dog’s head, and then try and position their legs into the sleeves – the Snuggie for Dogs makes this process much easier, basically un-fasten the Snuggie, place it under your dog, then wrap it around the dog and fasten at the top with the Velcro.

No matter how active your dog is, the Snuggie for Dogs won’t be falling off as they charge around the house or the garden.

The Snuggie for Dogs comes in four sizes, from small all the way to large for bigger dogs, so no matter what size dog you have there will be a Snuggie to fit.

Check out the official commercial for Dog Snuggies:

Dog Snuggie Product Description:

The blanket coat with sleeves now for your dog! Snuggie keeps them warm and their paws free! Perfect for every dog. Warm, Ultra soft fleece for indoor or outdoor use. Adjustable Hook and Loop fastner tabs for the perfect fit and machine washable. A must have for all you dog lovers. Small blue length 8-11 inches for small dogs weighing 8 to 11 lbs. Measure from the base of your dogs neck to the beginning of their tail. For best fit: Pudgy, furry and deeper chested should use one size larger.

  • Keep your pet completely warm in the chilly air
  • Warm, super-soft fleece is ideal for indoor or outdoor use
  • Adjustable Velcro tabs ensure the perfect fit
  • The Snuggie blanket is machine washable for your convenience
  • Keeps dogs warm and paws free

And here are some testimonials from some actual dogs 😉


Where can I buy a Snuggie for Dogs?:

Snuggies for dogs can be found at the best prices in all sizes at Amazon

  • If you are in the US then buy Snuggie for Dogs in all sizes at
  • If you are in the UK then buy Snuggie for Dogs at
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