Snuggies – a cult documentary

Here is yet another entry into the long list of Snuggie parody videos.

When the Snuggie TV commercial went viral and the sales of the Snuggie exploded many people mentioned that the Snuggie-obsessed fans looked like a cult when they were wearing their cherished blankets. And the Snuggie pub crawls that started springing up soon afterwards where Snuggie-wearing fanatics would get drunk together did nothing to dispel the ‘cult’ comparisons.

Anyway, Snuggie fans have a high-threshold for embarrassment, and a few of them have embraced the comparisons to a cult and made their own mockumentary, a ‘Snuggumentary’ if you like about their own cult of Snuggie.

It features everything that you would expect – over-acting, lots of shrieking, tongues firmly planted in cheeks, and an unlicensed use of ‘Chariots of Fire‘ by Vangelis (…actually I’ll be honest, Vangelis was the last thing I expected).

“Our Snuggumentary”

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