Star Wars style Space Rug – Hooded Blanket

Star Wars style Space Rug - Hooded Blanket

Jedi’s get cold too you know.

We have already featured the Star Wars Jedi Dressing Gown and this new product is a variation on the same theme – Star Wars style Hooded Blanket.

The Star Wars style ‘space rug’ isn’t really a ‘rug’, it is a proper dressing gown with big jedi sleeves and a jedi hood.

It is available in Brown and Black for only £29.95 from


Product Description:
It’s an iconic scene for many who grew up with a partiular trilogy of sci-fi films, the sight of a mysterious man striding over the dunes of the desert planet, waving his arms and making strange noises as he comes to rescue the young hero from the desert raiders. Memories of this scene were brought flooding back when we were first shown the Space Rug Hooded Blanket. The simple design performs the task it is set effortlessly keeping you away from nasty draughts, whilst allowing you to move about freely, whilst looking really cool all at the same time!

Made from a super soft coral fleece material, whilst it may not be quite suitable for rescuing princesses and ending tyrannic Galactic empires, it is more than capable of keeping you snug on the sofa and about the house. Better than a blanket the sleeves allow full movement and use of your arms and hands, whilst the hood will make sure that your head and neck aren’t exposed to any nasty drafts. Also featured are two pockets which are great for keeping things such as the TV remote, mobile phone, or even some sort of laser sword handy.

The Space Rug Hooded Blanket makes a great alternative to a dressing gown, and is perfect for lounging around the house, sitting on the sofa waiting for your next takeaway meal to arrive. Or alternatively taking camping or keeping in the car for occasions when you need another layer and a little extra warmth.


* Oversized coral fleece blanket with sleeves and hood
* Lightweight for easy mobility
* Comes in black or brown
* Soft and comfortable
* Easily washable

Buy the Star Wars style ‘Space Rug’ / Dressing Gown


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