• LoveLongDistance128

    Hahaha! so good

  • 123TryingtoType123

    instead of a lawyer he needs a manager!

  • SelenaAndDemiFanXx

    Fits a snuggie ?:S:L

  • TheSilverSultan4

    neilbazza123 it is a blanket with sleaves,

  • neilbazza123

    haha legend min
    bt i dinna ken fit a snuggie is ?:L

  • ayoitzscott1

    This is great, Eric.

  • michiru95

    that poor girl was so nice


    tell your friends to shut up

  • xxxwickedmusicxxx

    lol oh man

  • badbird311

    is the walmart he called from centereach

  • HorrorMovieFan78

    that was the best prank call i have ever seen!!

  • famousgirl9x9

    this is soooo great..

    haha now i wanna do something like this

  • rachelmari


  • annaxdaves


  • Dignorah

    LMAO!!!!! OMG that’s soooo funny!!!!!

  • janee2121

    lol “he could’ve killed himself by now”

  • kasia902

    that was great 😉

  • onlyashes8596

    “Will God forgive me?”



  • alternifeind15

    dude she like didnt even freaking care that it was hypothetically stolen but funny

  • ChOoSeMe1233

    Ahaha…the gay guy at the sex shop…that was the best prank call ever lol. But I like this one too!!! Where do you guys come up with these ideas?!!!!

  • jacksturCubstur

    I really like him..

  • xoverrrronicaxo

    “lets just say its not chinese food….its disgusting” ahahahaahhahaahhaha

  • xbrownie17x

    haha that was sooo funny!
    the guy looked so nearvous tho!

  • NyHereICome

    the blue snuggies are the best ones besides the zedi