Snuggie TV Commercial dub

This is a pretty slick over-dub of the original Snuggie TV commercial. Since it went viral the TV Commercial has been a target for ridicule and parody by internet pranksters ever since – but this version is one the best ones out there.

Delivered in a dry and under-stated voice-over, this is ‘Jaboody’ and his take on the ‘Snuggie Commercial’…..”Look at how much fun they’re having burning someone of a lesser race.”

Snuggie TV Commercial dub:

A Star Wars Snuggie parody video

As Snuggie blanket parody videos go, this one is better than most – fusing the Snuggie with Star Wars.

It has been said many times that wearing a blanket with sleeves, like The Snuggie or The Slanket can make you look like a Jedi – the long flowing robe, and the large loose sleeves make an ideal substitute for a Jedi robe.

And one enterprising video maker has now taken the original Snuggie TV Commercial – the cheesy one that made everyone say WTF and made the Snuggie go viral – and has spliced it with footage of Star Wars. You’ll see Yoda snuggling down in what looks like a Snuggie, you will see the original women from the snuggie waving lightsabers instead of knitting needles, and you will see Luke Skywalker meet his match against a gentleman being all warm and cosy in his armchair….and much more.

The force is strong with this one, so sit back and enjoy ‘Snuggie Wars’


God loves a Snuggie

If you ever needed any further proof to get a Snuggie, then all you need to know is that God approves of a good blanket with sleeves, and he positively urges you to wear one to Church in the winter months.

The Metro Baptist church, which is located in Goodlettsville, TN, dived headfirst into the Snuggie parody video scene and used the Snuggie as the ultimate excuse to drag your backside out of bed on those cold Sunday mornings and get your Snuggie on in Church.

PLus I have to say, a guy preaching in a Snuggie is pretty compelling viewing – kind of looks like a biblical robe.

Check out their video below.

The Holey Blanket (Snuggie Spoof)



In 2008 the TV commercial for the Snuggie went viral and burrowed itself into US popular culture. In fact it has such an impact the Snuggie was featured on the News, and even chat-show hosts often popped up on primetime TV wearing one to interview their guests.

The Snuggie commercial had such an impact that the product spawned hundreds of parody videos and the Snuggie proceeded to out-strip sales of The Slanket, a similar product that was released a couple of years before the Snuggie.

Now that is brand awareness that every marketing exec can only dream of.

This is one of the better Snuggie parody videos – it is in 4 parts and it charts the life of a regular student who receives a Snuggie in the post from his mother. Initially he scoffs at the gift thinking it will cramp his style and limit his chances with the girls. But after wearing his new Snuggie he quickly becomes addicted and empowered by his new blanket with sleeves – “I’ve come to the conclusion that this blanket is part of my life.”. He takes it upon himself to become Snuggieman and spread the love and comfort of the Snuggie.

Snuggieman: Part 1

A student gets his Snuggie and isn’t convinced, until he tries it on and becomes Snuggieman:

Snuggieman: Part 2

Snuggieman makes the plunge and wears his Snuggie to college.

Snuggieman: Part 3

Snuggieman tries to get a new girlfriend, and learns valuable lessons in friendship.

Snuggieman: Part 4

Snuggieman wants to write a song for his girlfriend. Can he pull it off…..?


Snuggies – a cult documentary

Here is yet another entry into the long list of Snuggie parody videos.

When the Snuggie TV commercial went viral and the sales of the Snuggie exploded many people mentioned that the Snuggie-obsessed fans looked like a cult when they were wearing their cherished blankets. And the Snuggie pub crawls that started springing up soon afterwards where Snuggie-wearing fanatics would get drunk together did nothing to dispel the ‘cult’ comparisons.

Anyway, Snuggie fans have a high-threshold for embarrassment, and a few of them have embraced the comparisons to a cult and made their own mockumentary, a ‘Snuggumentary’ if you like about their own cult of Snuggie.

It features everything that you would expect – over-acting, lots of shrieking, tongues firmly planted in cheeks, and an unlicensed use of ‘Chariots of Fire‘ by Vangelis (…actually I’ll be honest, Vangelis was the last thing I expected).

“Our Snuggumentary”