Snuggie on ROVE – Will Ferrell and Martin Short discuss Snuggies

ROVE team with special guests Will Ferrell & Martin Short discussing the Snuggie. A sleeved blanket is a body-length blanket with sleeves usually made of synthetic fleece. The product has been marketed as the Slanket, Snuggler, Toasty Wrap, and Snuggie Fake, backwards robe, celebrity product endorsement, funny, joke, mock, humour, humor, cult.


Snuggie D-Lux – The best Snuggie parody video so far?

This is great Snuggie parody video, one of the best we’ve seen. Basically the video proposes a new type of Snuggie that allows you to not only keep your hands free, but also allows you the freedom to go to the bathroom without having to take your Snuggie off. We wonlt spoil it and say what the “D” stands for – wait until he end when all is revealed.

Adult humour warning!