Disney characters enjoy their new blankets (snuggie parody)

We’ve seen a ton of Snuggie aprodies over the last few months, but this is the first Disney based one that we’ve seen. The maker of the video writes:

“This is just a very random thing I made. I came up with the idea while screencapping the cartoon “Pluto’s Kittens” and found the picture of Mickey reading by the fire, reminding me of, “Spoiler alert: Snape kills Dumbledore.” So I decided to take the whole Snuggie parody, cut & rearrange it to take out all the bad parts, and put it together with these clips, making a parody of a parody! (Has that been done before? idk.) Anyway, I hope you like this!”


Blanket! – The Commercial (Snuggie parody)

Here is a new take on the Slanket and Snuggie video parody – “The Blanket” has now been invented!
We’ve all heard of the “Snuggie”, but now there is a new product called “Blanket”! It’s a “Snuggie” without holes! Keeps the whole body warm, all at once! Written/Directed by Dustin mclean Starring Brian Shortall, Priscilla mclean Narration: Karen Graci


Snuggie D-Lux – The best Snuggie parody video so far?

This is great Snuggie parody video, one of the best we’ve seen. Basically the video proposes a new type of Snuggie that allows you to not only keep your hands free, but also allows you the freedom to go to the bathroom without having to take your Snuggie off. We wonlt spoil it and say what the “D” stands for – wait until he end when all is revealed.

Adult humour warning!