Snuggie Parody Videos

You know that you have stumbled on a product that captures the imagination of the public when parody videos spring up on YouTube. Check out the orginal Snuggie commercial and then enjoy the parody videos below. Some funnier than others. These are very tongue in cheek, contain some swearing – so if you are a die hard Snuggie fan that wouldn’t be able to see the funny side of random people on the internet making fun of the Snuggie, then you may want to skip this [also you know all the creators of these videos have a Snuggie and secretly love it].

Snuggie Parody Videos:

The WTF Blanket:

The WTF Blanket (Part 2):

“The Blanket” – The Snuggie without holes!:

Mike travels the world in a Snuggie:

Snuggie Parody:

Gangster Snuggie Parody: The Thuggie: