Snuggie Rap (based on ‘My Dougie’ by Soulja Boy and Lil Wayne)

If you were trying to work out which is best between The Slanket and The Snuggie based on parody videos alone, then the Snuggie would win hands down.

The Snuggie has embedded itself into the public consciousness so deeply that there are literally thousands of parody videos about the Snuggie – from fan remakes of the original commercial all the way to rap tracks written about it.

And we turn our attention today to one of the better rap spoofs written and recorded about The Snuggie. This video uses ‘My Dougie’ by Soulja Boy and Lil Wayne as inspiration for a new rap track called ‘My Snuggie’. You can tell a lot of time and thought has gone into creating this rap ode to the Snuggie – so congratulations to all involved you ‘blanket-wearing Gangstas’.