Leopard Print Slanket Now Available

leopard print slanket

Easy Tiger! As the popularity of The Slanket increases, they seem to be expanding the range of designs available for the Slanket. We’ve already pointed out that you can now get a Camouflage Slanket, and now you can get your claws into a Leopard Print Slanket.

You know what the Slanket is all about by now, but incase you’ve forgotten:

  • The Slanket Safari is a leopard print blanket with sleeves!
  • Retain the use of your hands and can keep snug and warm at the same time!
  • This fleece blanket is machine washable and super soft
  • The Slankets measure approx 2.4 metres x 1.5 meters
  • A perfect gift for anyone who enjoys a nice night in on the sofa

Where to buy the Leopard Print Slanket:

It’s not easy to find, but there are a few places online that you can pick up the Leopard Print Slanket. The shops below deliver worldwide and offer pricing in various currencies: