The Bitcoin Slanket

The Bitcoin Slanket

Cryptocurrency fans can all stay warm in the winter now – those smart people at Slanket have released a new Slanket design – the Bitcoin Slanket.

Show your love for Satoshi Nakamoto’s creation, and stay warm at the same time – there probably isn’t a more cutting edge Slanket design on the market at the moment. This is definitely ‘on trend’.

The world may not know who Satoshi Nakamoto is, but all your friends and neighbours will know who you are as you Lord it up in your home draped in Bitcoin and warm fleece.

Wearing the Bitcoin Slanket will tell the banking world that you don’t need an overpriced middleman, and you won’t be getting off your sofa any time soon to walk to your local bank in the winter either.

The Bitcoin Slanket:

Joking aside, this new Slanket design has been released in the latest Ultimate Slanket range, so it includes a foot pocket that you can place your feet in for maximum warmth. The material is the usual quality super soft fleece that people have come to expect from the Slanket.

The dimensions are the usual 60 inches Wide x 80 inches Length, and the whole Slanket folds neatly into a couch cushion when it isn’t being used.

This is probably the most perfect gift for the bitcoin or computer nerd in your life.

Ok, Where can I get the Bitcoin Slanket?:

Best place to pick up a Bitcoin Slanket is probably Amazon. They also have a kid’s version of the Bitcoin Slanket


The Slanket – Sleevin Las Vegas

The Slanket - Sleevin Las Vegas
“You’re SO money”

This is it, probably the ultimate Slanket design that really shows everyone what a high-roller you (even if you are sat at home on the sofa).

This is the new Slanket design called “Sleevin Las Legas”, and as you can already tell, it has a a real casino feel to it – the design is a pure red background that is decorated with all the suits from a pack of cards.

I wonder how many online gamblers are really tucked up at home on the sofa with their laptop, wearing one of these?

Official Description:
The air was thick with the smoke and whiskey laden breath of the gamblers. The sound of the slapping paddle wheel against the waters of the Mississippi marked the passing moments. Some say it is the German game Pochspiel, others the Persian, Nas. Whatever the origin, Luis had a lot riding on this game of betting, hand rankings, and bluffing. He quietly spoke the words “All in” and… Boom! threw the Slanket onto the table. Through clenched teeth, “Fold” was all the Baron could say. Slanket takes the pot.

Where to get the Sleevin Las Vegas SLanket

  • You can get the Sleevin Las Legas Slanket from for $34.99. BUY IT HERE
  • The Slanket – Floral Leaf Red

    The Slanket - Floral Leaf Red

    This brand new Slanket design is called the ‘Floral Leaf Red’ Slanket.

    This is a classy Slanket, with a large flowers and leaves the entwine theor way round the whole Slanket, in a deep and rich red colour.

    Official Description:
    Rooted in one location, a plant’s ability to attract is to survive. So it must entice with what it offers; a color, a fragrance, a sweet taste. Wrap up in the color of the Floral Leaf Slanket, put down some roots and let a smile be your nectar. It’s the bees knees. You’re on your own with the fragrance.

    Where to get the Floral Leaf Red Slanket

    The Slanket – Floral Leaf Green

    The Slanket - Floral Leaf Green

    Wow, this is one of the best design in the recently released new Slanket range.

    This new Slanket is called the ‘Floral Leaf Green’ slanket, and it features large leaves and flowers that cover the whole of the Slanket.

    Official Description:
    Rooted in one location, a plant’s ability to attract is to survive. So it must entice with what it offers; a color, a fragrance, a sweet taste. Wrap up in the color of the Floral Leaf Slanket, put down some roots and let a smile be your nectar. It’s the bees knees. You’re on your own with the fragrance.

    Where to buy the Floral Leaf Green Slanket


    The Slanket – Night Rain (new slanket design)

    Slanket - Night Rain

    This is the brand new Slanket design called ‘Night Rain’.

    This design is basically the inverse of the recent ‘Bubble Pop Slanket‘ design.

    It is all dark and moody, and covered in spots.

    Official Description:
    I walk out of the airport and drag myself over to the taxi stand. A 12 hour flight works wonders on your back, and on your attitude. The cabbie pulls up and I pour myself into the back seat. Through the cold rain on the windshield, I watch the lights up ahead change; green, yellow, red. Tiny explosions hit the glass, miniature torrents of rain blur my view and the colors bleed…Soon I’ll be home, wrapped up in my Slanket.

    Where to buy the Night Rain Slanket


    The Slanket – Wintergalactic (new Slanket design)

    Slanket Wintergalactic

    This is the brand new Slanket design called “Wintergalactic”, and whenever I hear the name, it makes me think of the Beastie Boys all sat together on big sofa in Slankets.

    This is a blue, white, and red design that is a departure from the original plain colour Slankets of the past. Distinctive pattern, awesome name, same great Slanket – what’s not to like.

    Official Description:
    Look beyond. See past. Seek out the truth in yourself and allow others to do the same. Let the present be your world, leave the past to history, and let the future lie until it’s ready. All squares are rectangles, some rectangles are squares; all slankets are blankets, some blankets are slankets. Slanket Squared

    Where to buy the Slanket – Wintergalactic design


    The Slanket – Bits (Binary design)

    Slanket Binary

    The perfect gift for the Geek or Nerd in your life.

    The Slanket goes “Epic”, with this binary design that they are calling ‘Bits’.

    It’s a dark slanket, with electric green binary numbers all over it. The ‘ones’ and ‘zeros’ will keep any Geek warm as they labour through those cold winter nights coding and hacking away. Julian Assange had one to keep himself warm in prison (probably).

    Official Description:
    01010011 01101110 01110101 01100111 01100111 01101001 01100101 01110011 00100000 01010011 01110101 01100011 01101011 00100000 01010011 01101100 01100101 01100101 01110110 01100101 00100001

    Where to buy the Slanket ‘Bits’ (Binary Design)


    The Slanket – Slumberjack (new Slanket design)

    The Slanket - Slumberjack

    Another new Slanket design has hit the shelves – this one is called the ‘Slumberjack’. And no prozes for guessing why – the red and black checked design should be enough to give it away if you really need a clue.

    This is a nive alternative slanket pattern for those that want something a little more adventurous than the usual plan slanket colours, and don’t want one with graphocs on. Somewhere inbetween – nice. Plus the checked colour makes it look even warmer.

    Official Description:
    The temperate rain forest’s moisture combines with the sweat of her brow. The bandage around her left index finger needs to be changed. Rogue branches fall to the moss covered ground. The day is almost over. “TIMBER…” a voice shouts from behind the unfurled ferns. Working twice as hard as the others takes its toll. The floor of a cabin and Slanket to keep the mosquitoes away sounds like heaven right now

    All together now – “I’m a Slumberjack and I’m ok, I sleep all night and I work all day”

    Where to buy the Slumberjack Slanket:


    The Slanket – Nicks Lunch

    The Slanket - Nicks Lunch

    Okay, so you obviously already know what a Slanket is, that’s why your here, so I won’t go into too much description about the product – other than to say that this is one of the brand new Slanket designs that are currently available for sale.

    This new design is bright yellow and features HotDogs and Burgers on the pattern. This design will probably appeal to all those people who like to get under their slanket, watch TV, and eat food (all of us?).

    At least the bright yellow colour will hide those mustard stains…….

    Official Description:
    It’s a hunch…now he’s in a crunch as the insects munch; swift kick and a punch, a quick nudge to submit funds; he’s got the whips, guns, to do his stunts through amazon thick trunks, Saint-Michel quick sludge, runaway rickshaws, he breaks out the tricks cause, he’s dreaming of mix suds with a slick sponge, relaxing at home, eating Nick’s Lunch

    Product Features:

    • Super Soft Oversized Fleece Blanket with Sleeves.
    • The Original Blanket with Sleeves!
    • 60 W x 95 L
    • High Quality 100 Percent Polyester Fleece
    • Great Gift

    Where to buy the new Slanket – Nicks Lunch

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