Leopard Print Slanket Now Available

leopard print slanket

Easy Tiger! As the popularity of The Slanket increases, they seem to be expanding the range of designs available for the Slanket. We’ve already pointed out that you can now get a Camouflage Slanket, and now you can get your claws into a Leopard Print Slanket.

You know what the Slanket is all about by now, but incase you’ve forgotten:

  • The Slanket Safari is a leopard print blanket with sleeves!
  • Retain the use of your hands and can keep snug and warm at the same time!
  • This fleece blanket is machine washable and super soft
  • The Slankets measure approx 2.4 metres x 1.5 meters
  • A perfect gift for anyone who enjoys a nice night in on the sofa

Where to buy the Leopard Print Slanket:

It’s not easy to find, but there are a few places online that you can pick up the Leopard Print Slanket. The shops below deliver worldwide and offer pricing in various currencies:

Camouflage Slanket now available

camouflage slanket

Who says that blankets for sleeves are just for the girls – if you are a man’s man type and really want a Slanket but refuse to use words like ‘snuggle’ and ‘toastie’ then we have the solution for you. The Camouflage Slanket. Now available to buy online, the Camouflage Slanket is a new design that may help you maintain some credibility and masculinity while still staying warm 😉


  • Stay warm and keep your hands free, with all the benefits of the original Slanket
  • Take it camping and pretend it is the latest piece of experimental army technology being used by troops to keep warm whilst on patrol. Nobody will laugh at you then, we promise.
  • Take it into a forest, lie down, and be UNSEEN
  • Look tough on the sofa

Where can I buy the Camouflage Slanket?

At ease soldier, the Camouflage Slanket is freely available online. The stores below deliver worldwide and have pricing options in all currencies.

Interview with the inventor of The Slanket

Forbes recently interviewed Gary Clegg – the inventor of The Slanket.

On The Slanket website Gary writes that the slanket was born when he was a cold student, he writes:
“One subzero night in 1998 during my first semester of college I could not escape Maine’s winter bite. While watching Late Night with Conan O’Brien I decided I needed to tear a hole in my sleeping bag so I could keep my upper body warm as I channel surfed during the commercial breaks. During Christmas vacation I commissioned the first Slanket to be made by my mother…and it was born.”

You can watch the Forbes video interview with Gary Clegg, the inventor of The Slanket below:

Find out more about The Slanket and where to buy it HERE

Bruce Willis on Letterman with his Slanket

Slanket craze hits Hollywood, as action star Bruce Willis appears on the David Letterman show wearing the Alaskan Blue Slanket.

If an action movie star and all-round hard-man Bruce Willis can pull off a Slanket in public, the surely you can wear one in the comfort of your own home.

Joking aside, you couldn;t pay for this sort of marketing – I have no idea how Gary Clegg (the inventor of the Slanket) pulled this off, or even if he was involved. Maybe Bruce just loved the Slanket so much he did it of his own accord?

Watch Bruce Willis on Letterman in his Slanket below: