The Slanket – Slumberjack (new Slanket design)

The Slanket - Slumberjack

Another new Slanket design has hit the shelves – this one is called the ‘Slumberjack’. And no prozes for guessing why – the red and black checked design should be enough to give it away if you really need a clue.

This is a nive alternative slanket pattern for those that want something a little more adventurous than the usual plan slanket colours, and don’t want one with graphocs on. Somewhere inbetween – nice. Plus the checked colour makes it look even warmer.

Official Description:
The temperate rain forest’s moisture combines with the sweat of her brow. The bandage around her left index finger needs to be changed. Rogue branches fall to the moss covered ground. The day is almost over. “TIMBER…” a voice shouts from behind the unfurled ferns. Working twice as hard as the others takes its toll. The floor of a cabin and Slanket to keep the mosquitoes away sounds like heaven right now

All together now – “I’m a Slumberjack and I’m ok, I sleep all night and I work all day”

Where to buy the Slumberjack Slanket: