Reviewing and testing The Snuggie from ‘Consumerist’

If you want to know all about the pro’s and con’s of The Snuggie then we suggest you check out this video below that shows the Snuggie being put through its paces and reviewed by The Consumerist.

They test the Snuggie very thoroughly and look at the thickness of the material and how long it lasts.

The Snuggie gets put to the test at Consumers Union labs. Consumerist’s Ben Popken and Meghann Marco scout out the findings.

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  • TLoZNarutofan

    Whats the background music?

  • supercooldude2121

    made with very cheap material

  • Mast3rOfMuppets82

    such a dumb product.

  • rustyblade12

    thats true but its not as bad as the diamond shrddies XD

  • koolangie11

    its just a bathrob of corse just back wards

  • btownz28

    Meg Marco……soooo hot, want to touch the hiney

  • webkinzX0X0

    1:39 ok i have to admit it when she said snap crackle pop i yelled RICE KRISPIES x3

  • piepeep90

    i want a sunggie lint ball i will call it mr.fuzz fuzz

  • ricepaddy69

    1:58 – Ben the reviewer said exactly the one word that I think of every time I hear about the Snuggie or watch the informercial:


    Must get away before I’m forced to poison myself for some meaningless cause!

  • fairuse69

    god I hate those fuzzy little balls!

  • HappyDiscoDeath

    if all else fails, you can use it to get excess cat hair and dandruff of your cat, what with the clingy static electricity…