The Bitcoin Slanket

The Bitcoin Slanket

Cryptocurrency fans can all stay warm in the winter now – those smart people at Slanket have released a new Slanket design – the Bitcoin Slanket.

Show your love for Satoshi Nakamoto’s creation, and stay warm at the same time – there probably isn’t a more cutting edge Slanket design on the market at the moment. This is definitely ‘on trend’.

The world may not know who Satoshi Nakamoto is, but all your friends and neighbours will know who you are as you Lord it up in your home draped in Bitcoin and warm fleece.

Wearing the Bitcoin Slanket will tell the banking world that you don’t need an overpriced middleman, and you won’t be getting off your sofa any time soon to walk to your local bank in the winter either.

The Bitcoin Slanket:

Joking aside, this new Slanket design has been released in the latest Ultimate Slanket range, so it includes a foot pocket that you can place your feet in for maximum warmth. The material is the usual quality super soft fleece that people have come to expect from the Slanket.

The dimensions are the usual 60 inches Wide x 80 inches Length, and the whole Slanket folds neatly into a couch cushion when it isn’t being used.

This is probably the most perfect gift for the bitcoin or computer nerd in your life.

Ok, Where can I get the Bitcoin Slanket?:

Best place to pick up a Bitcoin Slanket is probably Amazon. They also have a kid’s version of the Bitcoin Slanket

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