The first Snuggie Fashion Show!

This is great marketing – holding a fashion show for your unfashionable, but comfy and popular Snuggie:

On Tuesday, September 15, 2009 Snuggi held its first-ever fashion show to display its latest colors and styles! Celebrity host Ross “The Intern” Mathews narrated the event. The Snuggie™ Fashion Show featured lights, cameras and glamorous models as they struck a pose in new Snuggie blankets. Of course, it wouldn’t be a Snuggie™ affair without a few surprises along the way, such as canine models in the new Snuggie™ for Dogs blanket coats and the unveiling of limited edition Snuggi designs that will be available online and through television offers this holiday season.


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  • ParanoidToaster

    1: That announcer sounds like a woman.
    2: Black guy in brown Snuggie… rofl
    3: Leopard print intended for cougars? XD
    4: They look like crinkly plastic.
    5: This was backstage…. haha.

  • imnotcoming

    wtf??? o.O

  • Loopsifly

    Because they said he wore it because he was black.

  • smileymiley707

    oh god i was laughing with tears after this!!! they put the black dude in the brown snuggie thats racist!!!

  • Loopsifly

    @Vanillaface95 How? Did they say “hes wearing chocolate colour because hes black”?

  • RockynRobynBobyn

    i… just… wait… WHY????

  • MelissaMagnificent

    how does it warms u up from the back???

  • xXD3ath4LifeXx

    wtf is this! their just embarrasing themselfs.

  • greyday741

    I turn on my space heater =]

  • QuickQuwQuw

    they are sooo silly looking i mean just put your robe on backwards

  • BRT3108

    hahahahahahha this is great

  • sendai29

    now your dog can change the channel. and text his friends. hooray

  • Vanillaface95

    1:18 racist!!!!!!!!

  • EATshitanddrinkbleac

    This makes fun of itself.

  • smileymiley707

    hey think of it this way, instead of buying a snuggie you could just wear a robe backwards. it’s way more stylish and no waste of money!

  • mrsjonas753

    the snuggie if it was a waste of your money already look they dont even have a back!

  • FlatbushGunman

    lmfaoooooooooooooo why da fucc does he have a football wid his snuggie on.!!how da hell r u playin football in ah snuggie i dont care if u go 2 usc!!!lmfaooo

  • TheRealFatassFilms

    I feel like…

    …don’t dogs have fur?

  • OnePastMidnight

    yeah, i sometimes get cold in my apartment. i put on an extra shirt. or a ROBE YOU SNUGGIE BUYING IDIOTS!

  • kriboo2

    thats wat i thot 2

  • Highpimpstess8kitty

    Oh good! A snuggie for dogs! You know, that’s great, because my dog just fucking hates blankets. Thank god there is finally hope!
    ….. not.
    Seriously…. this is… kinda ridiculous. I… kinda want to punch the person who’s getting rich off this shit 😐

  • GGA44

    wow they invented the backwards robe!

  • kpup1997

    that’s messed.they put the black guy in the “chocolate brown” color.

  • pugwishbone17

    you’ve… got to be kidding me