The Slanket – Nicks Lunch

The Slanket - Nicks Lunch

Okay, so you obviously already know what a Slanket is, that’s why your here, so I won’t go into too much description about the product – other than to say that this is one of the brand new Slanket designs that are currently available for sale.

This new design is bright yellow and features HotDogs and Burgers on the pattern. This design will probably appeal to all those people who like to get under their slanket, watch TV, and eat food (all of us?).

At least the bright yellow colour will hide those mustard stains…….

Official Description:
It’s a hunch…now he’s in a crunch as the insects munch; swift kick and a punch, a quick nudge to submit funds; he’s got the whips, guns, to do his stunts through amazon thick trunks, Saint-Michel quick sludge, runaway rickshaws, he breaks out the tricks cause, he’s dreaming of mix suds with a slick sponge, relaxing at home, eating Nick’s Lunch

Product Features:

  • Super Soft Oversized Fleece Blanket with Sleeves.
  • The Original Blanket with Sleeves!
  • 60 W x 95 L
  • High Quality 100 Percent Polyester Fleece
  • Great Gift

Where to buy the new Slanket – Nicks Lunch

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