The Slanket – Night Rain (new slanket design)

Slanket - Night Rain

This is the brand new Slanket design called ‘Night Rain’.

This design is basically the inverse of the recent ‘Bubble Pop Slanket‘ design.

It is all dark and moody, and covered in spots.

Official Description:
I walk out of the airport and drag myself over to the taxi stand. A 12 hour flight works wonders on your back, and on your attitude. The cabbie pulls up and I pour myself into the back seat. Through the cold rain on the windshield, I watch the lights up ahead change; green, yellow, red. Tiny explosions hit the glass, miniature torrents of rain blur my view and the colors bleed…Soon I’ll be home, wrapped up in my Slanket.

Where to buy the Night Rain Slanket


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